Master Your Career as a
Warrior Priest

So you want to play a Warrior Priest of Sigmar in Warhammer Online: Age
of Reckoning, do you? Well, what makes you different from all the
others out there? What's going to make Sigmar take notice of you and
grant you the power to smite your enemies and heal your allies? That's
easy--Career Mastery! Career Mastery is your way to take control of the
life and personality of your character and specialize him or her to how
you like to play. We hear you out there asking, "But what are the Paths
of Mastery I could take?". Well wonder no more, because EA Mythic has
released some information especially for the Warrior Priests of Sigmar.
Come on over and take a look.

Sigmar is a warrior god, and his priests gain divine
favor only by fighting to defend the Empire that he built.  The holy symbol
of Sigmar is a hammer, and the Warrior Priests have adopted the
warhammer as their weapon of choice in honor of their patron. 
The Righteous Fury of Sigmar fills the Warrior Priest with each swing
of their weapon, and this divine power can then be used to fuel their
healing magic.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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