Unlike many massively multiplayer online games, href="http://war.tentonhammer.com/" target="_blank">Warhammer
gives players the opportunity to engage in constructive RvR combat from
a very early level. One of the earliest RvR scenarios players can join
is Khaine's Embrace, which can be entered via the Elven starting areas.
Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye takes Khaine's Embrace for a test
drive and recommends a few strategies for new players. Check it out,
then head over and target="_blank">read Tony "RadarX" Jone's article on RvR

most RvR or PvP scenario veterans, Khaine’s Embrace will feel
incredibly familiar and the strategies behind this map aren’t
incredibly complex.. As you can see from the adjoining screenshot
Khaine’s Embrace has two altars set on the opposite ends of a
relatively small map. One the left hand side, are the Order players and
the Dance of Swords altar while on the right hand side you’ll
find the
Death’s Charge altar along with the spawn point for the
faction. From each spawn point, there’s only one route to the
half of the map, and that is guarded by NPCs to allow players to
respawn without being killed immediately.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016