Warlock Talent Guide

The Warlock class has a very varied talent repertoire, all of them viable on its own and especially deadly when combined some with others. You can go from being DoT heavy, to having a very reliable pet tank and lots of health, to simply dealing out massive damage with direct damage spells depending on your choices.

This guide aims to help you get acquainted with the Warlock talents available, show if they would be of use or not, and finally help you reach the important decision, "Should I get this talent, or not?"

If you've been wondering what some Talents do, or what their practical use in several PvP or PvE situations are, you've come to the right place! We'll go and review every single talent, one by one, to best inform you of which to pick, and which to let go of depending on your playstyle and aims in World of Warcraft.

This guide is currently a work in progress, keep watching for updates.

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Affliction is the Talent Tree for Damage over Time (DoT) spell mastery. From increased curse damage and effects to overall lasting power, it is currently the strongest tree and should definitely be looked at, since it improves basic bread&butter spells like Corruption and your main curses.

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Demonology is considered the PvP talent tree by many. Nearly every single talent will boost your or your demon's survivability in some way, allowing for you to have more health and some unique benefits, especially in the PvP environment, in order to outdo your opponents. If you use this tree heavily, your demon pet becomes invaluable.

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Destruction Talent Guide

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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