I'm not going to talk too much about things you don't want to hear. There is a game in front of you and you want answers and here they are:

I disconnected wtf why?

Right now at launch, servers are under the heavy load of the awesome new scripting they've implemented in WoD (theory anyway) and it's too much for the massive rush of players that want to come in and enjoy the expansion.

How do I deal with the lag?

You can check this article here, otherwise you have to "deal with it." Either get an invite to a low pop server or wait a few days, is the unofficial community response.

My quest is broken, how can I fix it?

Some quests are going to require a hotfix, you can move past some quests by leveling ahead of them into the next zone, but otherwise try this. Log out, make sure you're on YOUR server, log back in, and exit / reenter the phase. This worked for me for Gormaul Tower.

What can I do about the queue?

Nothing, switch servers :/

My loading screen is stuck, what?

Hurry up and alt-f4 and login to avoid the queue. Might not work : |

Stuck at Loading Character Screen / Retrieving Character List

Oh well : | Have to wait this one out, alt-f4 and try immediatly again. 

Ok, I bought the game. What do I do?

Easy, head to the Blasted Lands. Before you ask how to get there, there is a portal in each town. For Horde it's in the Cleft of Shadow (the evil looking area). For Alliance it's the Mage Tower.

Garrisons, how do they work?

You automatically get one in the quest series that you first embark on. Garrisons work for crafting and other neat things.

Crafting, how does it work?

You get crafting books now and craft in your Garrison. There isn't a trainer for the new crafting system.

I can't get into the game!!!

Wait it out, after a few days after launch it'll be better.

I'm level 100, how do I get to raiding?

Raiding and the next PvP season comes in December 2nd.

Why can't I solo queue for heroics?

You need to complete the proving grounds silver. Talk to your class trainer to try it out and do the challenges up to silver for your specific class.

Reforge is gone.

Yeah, don't have to worry about it.

How do I even get to dreanor?

You have to do the quests to go there, start in the blasted lands.

UGH <quest> is broken!

Like said previously, they're being hotfixed. Try to /reload or /logout, but be careful you won't reconnect.

I want a collectors edition.

Most retailers have it right now - it's $89.99 for the physical copy. Try your local Walmart/Best Buy/Online Retailer.

I'm stuck flying.

: | wait it out or submit a ticket and wait.

How do I get back to my garrison?

Use your hearthstone.

That's pretty much most of the questions I'm seeing now. If I see some more today or tomorrow, I'll be sure to update the list with more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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