To head into the second portion of the legendary quest line players will need to have their characters at level 100 and have completed the first portion of the quest chain (details here). By this point you will have received your initial ring from Khadgar and will have probably be rejoicing in the epicness of it. However, you aren't done yet! Khadgar has four more quests for you and they are much, much harder than the first. This is a quest chain to get yourself a legendary item, we can't expect it to be too easy.

Three of the quests received from Khadgar will require you to complete Heroic Dungeons. Heroic Dungeons require the player to be level 100, have an item level of 610, and have completed the Silver version of Proving Grounds. The quests for Heroic Dungeons are as follows:

Core of Flame

Location: Bloodmaul Slag Mines (Heroic)

To complete this quest the player must obtain the Core of Flame from the boss Gug'rokk. Check out our Bloodmaul Slag Mines Strategy Guide to help you get through this instance with ease!

Core of Iron

Location: Grimrail Depot (Heroic)

Collect a Core of Iron from the Engine of the Grimrail Depot train. This is a clickable item found in the instance and is NOT a drop from a boss. A strategy guide for this instance is coming soon!

Core of Life

Location: The Everbloom (Heroic)

Collect a Core of Life by defeating Yalnu, the final boss inside this instance. Check out our strategy guide for The Everbloom to help you fight your way to Yalnu!

The fourth and final quest given by Khadgar is to collect one of the major resources in Draenor; Apexis Crystals. This quest, Draenor's Secret Power, will require you to gather exactly 4,986 Apexis Crystals. This seems like a lot, but Apexis Crystals are fairly easy to obtain, especially at level 100. Here are some ways to gather the needed Crystals:

  • Daily Quest at level 2 or 3 Town Hall
  • Solo Daily Quests
  • Group Daily Quests
  • Garrison Invasions
  • Level 100 Mobs
  • Work Orders

After you have completed all of the above quests, it is time to head back to Khadgar's Tower and turn them in. After turn in Khadgar will give you yet another quest that will send you to another Heroic Dungeon: Tackling Teron'gor. Check out our Guide to Auchindoun to give you a basic understanding of this instance.

Tackling Teron'gor

Location: Auchindoun (Heroic)

Defeat Teron'gor, the final boss in Auchindoun. Once defeated, loot Corrupted Blood of Teron'gor from his corpse. Do not forget to loot the item!

With the Blood in your bags, head back to Khadgar and turn it in. Of course, another quest soon follows.

Eyes of the Archmage

Location: Khadgar's Tower

This quest is much easier than the others. All you need to do is speak to Khadgar and protect him as he performs some fancy magic.

At the end of this quest, Khadgar will find out that Kairoz, the dragon, is responsible for assisting Garrosh in his time travel. Which means this dragon is in some serious trouble and also that you have some more quests to complete. Surprise!

Fugitive Dragon

Location: Nagrand

Meet with Khadgar and an old friend, both of which can be found just north of the Ring of Trials in Nagrand.

After meeting with Khadgar and Chromie players will be given:

The Dragon's Tale

Location: Nagrand

Follow clue after clue up the hillside until you finally discover Kairozdormu in the Time-Lost Glade. Chromie will assist you by illuminating clues.

Once you have reached the Time-Lost Glade, with the assistance of Chromie, you will find the Spirit of Kairozdormu. To claim his power, you must defeat what is left of this mighty dragon in the next quest:

Tarnished Bronze

Location: Nagrand

Speak to Khadgar and choose your preferred role for this battle. After choosing your role you will take on Kairoz alongside Chromie and Khadgar, a formidable team indeed.

After defeating Kairoz you will earn the achievement: Chapter I: Call of the Archmage and gain the quest Power Unleashed!. This quest simply asks you to return to Khadgar who has returned to his Tower in Zangarra. So, celebrate you victory and get on your way! Once this quest has been turned in, Khadgar will upgrade your ring from ilvl 640 to ilvl 680. Once you have completed this upgrade you may buy other versions of this ring from Zooti Fizzlefury for 1,000 Gold.

Click here for the next portion of the legendary ring quest where we plunge headfirst into raid instances.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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