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It's Party Time

May 12th, 2008 - By

Before I ramble about anything else this week, there are a couple
important pieces of news I wanted to make the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
community aware of in case they haven't been to the official forums
recently. While it certainly would not be the end of the world if
players were
not aware of them, it still might upset a few if they were only made
aware of the issues after the fact.

The first item of note is that more character transfers have been
announced. There are a number of players that have come back to the
game in the last few months, but as such, missed the character
transfers that ended in December. Players that were originally on
Woefeather, Florendyl, or any of the other previously combined servers
have come back to find they've been moved.
Even if you have already taken advantage of an earlier character
transfer, you can still transfer again. Read the announcement from
Vanguard Community Representative, Ellyra, href="">right

The second piece of information I want to make everyone aware of is a
poll thread from Vanguard Developer, Silius, can be href="">found
here. The poll revolves around what the players would like to
see happen in regards to the new faction system being implemented with
the release of Game Update #5. Please read the entire post before
voting. Silius is requesting that you only answer A, B, or C. That's it
- no discussion, no debating, no conditions set, etc. Before anyone
gets themselves all worked up over this though, it should be noted that
there are multiple threads that are dedicated to the discussion and
debate about the poll. If you wish to add your two cents, please use
one of the existing threads instead of creating a new one.

While I'm on the subject of polls, I'd like to take a moment to point
you to a few of our recent polls as well. I've entitled the series the
"Party of Conformity" polls and they've garnered some pretty
interesting discussions so far. For those that haven't read them and
voted yet, here are the links for each one in the series so far: href="">Defensive
Fighters, href="">Offensive
Fighters, and href="">Healers.
The poll for Arcane Casters will be posting this Friday morning. The
following week will see the winners of each category battle it out for
the crown.

The concept of the poll is pretty simple, but it's still been a fun one
to contemplate. If you had to make up a full party with only one class,
which one would you choose. With the Defensive Fighters, the Dread
Knight and Paladin are still neck and neck. The Bard has dominated the
Offensive Fighters category. The Healer category is hosting a close
three way battle between the Blood Mage, the Cleric, and the Shaman. So
far, the Shaman is in the lead. Even as the writer for each poll, I've
had a pretty hard time deciding which class to vote for in each
category and that's a rarity for me.

do you think? href="">

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