Where is the Luck?

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Luck. If you've had the pleasure of playing the old Might and Magic
roleplaying game series, then you remember this as one of your
attributes. If you were like me, you completely ignored it and put your
points in strength, accuracy, etc.  But it did play a minor role in what
happened to your character. I was recently sitting in Cazic Thule (which
greyed out a long time ago for me) ironically, on Friday the 13th. While
mindlessly waiting for a spawn, it occured to me just how much great luck I've
had in some things and what horrible luck in others.

Loot drops are one of the primary reasons to go after named creatures.
Some groups do the traditional "Need before Greed" method to distribute
loot but if no one needs it, or, more than one of you can use it, what do
you do? Lotto. The word sends a shiver up my spine. When I hit the submit
button to put in my bid for an item, I can almost hear the wheel
spinning in my head. Chugga Chugga Chugga.
Chugga.....Chugga.....Chugga..........Chugga. Radar is the loser! Yay!
He didn't need that master spell anyways. As for armor? I didn't need
that ring. I've still got this one from a quest reward 14 levels ago!

The lotto system doesn't bother me nearly as much as collection
quests. I have more collection quests unfinished, than I do house
projects (ask my wife if you don't believe that's an astronomical
number). Why you ask? As you collect things, your chances of getting
what you need lessen. You aren't going to get that shiny brass lamp
handle, you are going to get your 52nd freaking piece of blue sand. I
don't need a tarnished cog, I need two dozen blue harpy feathers
instead! So just buy it and quit whining right? No.  There either aren't
any for sale, or the prices for them are approaching a 51" Plasma

So, no luck in loot and collection quests, surely there is something
else? How about a regular quest? My quest journal stays fairly full and
there is plenty that I can do. I need to kill the evil Emperor Zerg in
order to save the Everquest 2 universe. Sounds like cake. So, I got to where
Zerg is supposed to spawn and he isn't there. No problem, I just need to
wait and kill his place holders. Thirty minutes go by, then an hour,
and finally I see someone run by and send me a tell saying "Hey, are you
waiting for Zerg?  Because he only spawns every 25th lunar cycle when
Venus is alignment." I've lost the luck battle for the day so it's time
to teleport home.

Now, you might be thinking "Radar, you are the biggest cry baby I've
seen since people sued McDonalds for making them fat." I say to you sir
or madam, with tears in my eyes: Words hurt. I also say, that you are
right, this was a bunch of whining and I went back out the next day, got
the spawns I needed and even scored some loot. Some days are lucky, and
some aren't.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016