In this detailed overview, Ten Ton Hammer examines Tabula Rasa's Concordia Wilderness by poking in every nook and cranny of beta to reveal everything this area has to offer. Mission areas, Logos locations, instances and more are waiting inside. Are you curious about where to go or perhaps just interested in what type of content is available? Don't miss this insiders look!

Foreas. A planet of unending beauty contrasted by a brutal conflict whose outcome will determine the survival of the human race. On this glorious world you'll spend many of your early levels helping the native Foreans, and learning how to interact with your environment. Don't be fooled by the attractive landscape however because the Bane are not your only concern; natural predators won't hesitate to make a quick meal out of you. The purpose of this guide is prepare you for what you'll find on the planet and provide guidance through some of the missions you might find in the Concordia Wilderness.

Don't miss this great overview of the Wilderness.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016