In this guide we’ll provide you with a list of all the equipment you’ll need to maximise Healing Esper’s Pre Raid Gear. Healing Esper’s still remain one of the games most powerful classes and they’re an absolute must in a Raid environment due to the sheer power of Soothe.


  1. Barugh's Buccaneer Bladed Astral Star (World Drop)
  2. Leaf-Bladed Psybomb (Veteran Malgrave Trail)
  3. ‘Adventus' CW-3 PSB Hurricane Neuroblade (Weaponsmith Crafting)
  4. Corruptor's Blade Edge (Veteran Malgrave Trail)


  1. Sunstorm Barrier (Veteran Malgrave Trail)
  2. Brimstone Shelter (Veteran Skullcano)
  3. Warden Aegis (World Drop)
  4. Tranquility (Veteran Skullcano)


  1. Lifemending Shemagh (Veteran Malgrave Trail)
  2. Mindmender's Mask (Veteran Crimelords of Whitevale)
  3. Veil of the Woodcrasher (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Selene)
  4. Life-Stitched Cowl (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Skash)


  1. Life-Mender's Shoulder Pads (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Ondu)
  2. Shockstrike Mantle (Veteran Stormtalon, Stormtalon)
  3. Crackling Light Shawl  (Veteran Stormtalon)
  4. Glittering Goldthread Shroud (Veteran Skullcano)


  1. Combat Caster's Tunic (Veteran Siege of Tempest Refuge)
  2. Wraps of the Lifeweaver (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden)
  3. Cloak of the Windraider (Veteran Malgrave Trail)
  4. Catabolic Fusion Gown (World Drop)


  1. Grim-Grim Doomcaller Hands (World Drop)
  2. Grovetender's Mittens (Reputation Vendor, Guardians of the Grove)
  3. Primal Hide Gloves (Veteran Malgrave Trail)


  1. Dustwalker Longpants (Reputation Vendor, Crimson Badlands)
  2. Spiritstalker Pants (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Selene)
  3. Mindmender's Leggings (Veteran Crimelords of Whitevale)


  1. Strategic Operations Slinkers (Reputation Vendor, Grimvault Alliance)
  2. Ceremonial Torine Slippers (Veteran Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, Selene)
  3. Ornate Crimson Treads (Veteran Crimelords of Whitevale)

Weapon Attachment

  1. Flamekin Target Link (Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair)
  2. Voreth Hound Coating (Veteran Kel Voreth)
  3. Drokk's Strife Analyzer (Veteran Kel Voreth)

Support System

  1. Everlasting Snowball (Reputation Vendor, Northern Wastes)
  2. Battlesphere Adapter (Elder Gem Vendor)
  3. Crystal of the Stinging Sands (Reputation Vendor, Crimson Badlands)
  4. Apple Care (Guardians of the Grove Event)


  1. Protection (Battlegrounds Vendor)
  2. Regenerative Matrix (Veteran Stormtalon’s Lair)
  3. Charmed Mojo Magic (Northern Wastes Welcome Gifts Quest)
  4. Battlemender's Phalanx (Veteran Siege of Tempest Refuge)


  1. Dysentery Prevention Pill (World Drop)
  2. Master Forged Recombinator (Veteran Kel Voreth)
  3. Mindflex Expeditor (Veteran Malgrave Trail)
  4. Strain Resistant Hexwave Neuralmod (Reputation Vendor, Grimvault Alliance)

Think an awesome item is missing? Email me on [email protected] and I'll add it to the list!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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