As a returning player to World of Warcraft, it’s important to find a guild as quickly as possible. Not only for social interaction while leveling, but gaining advice, setting long-term goals, and in most cases, making a bunch of new friends you can have fun with. Unfortunately, finding a good guild is always a challenge, and can be a stressful experience if you’ve something specific in mind. While I’ve always fallen lucky when it comes to the Guilds I’ve been part of, it still took many attempts to find the best. Here’s my go-to list of advice when trying to find one, and touch wood, it has always worked out well for me.

Be Realistic

It’s surprising how many players I’ve met along the way that at level 10, want to apply to the best raiding Guild on their server. While that’s a commendable aspiration, it’s also incredibly unrealistic. The top Guilds typically only accept those at the top of their game, or when they’re on a large recruitment drive. Choosing a Guild that isn’t too large, isn’t pursuing server firsts, and which can offer you something specific, at a time of your needing it. In my case, I’m currently looking for a guild that can help me level, clear early dungeons, and chat. As I progress, that need will change and you should, as far as I’m concerned, be willing to change Guilds when necessary.

Be Prepared To Move Servers

Sometimes it's absolutely worth paying a transfer fee for the right guild.

A good Guild can be hard to find, and sometimes, you just know when you’ve found a good one. I’ve been part of two for 15 years, and while neither play WoW anymore, we’ve remained close communities. I moved servers for both (in different games) and have never once regretted my decision. There’s obviously going to be an element of risk to this, especially because moving servers costs money, but if you’ve researched your prospective Guild beforehand, chatted to them on Discord, and visited them on their forum, there’s a good chance they’re worth a punt.

Look For Warning Signs

It’s guaranteed you’ll encounter shit guilds in World of Warcraft. Every MMO has more bad guilds than good, so don’t feel you need to love every guild you’re part of. Having only returned to WoW for a couple of weeks, I’ve already been part of two terrible Guilds. The first no-one spoke. Ever. The second involved the majority of the Guild discussing how they’d masturbate at the weekend (honestly). Needless to say I quickly left both, and while some warning signs are a little more subtle (a snarky Officer, an unwillingness to help or engage in content as a group) you’ll sometimes have to trust your gut. Don’t feel you have to stick around, in fact, leave the moment anything annoys you: the odds are it won’t get better.

Applications Are Old-School, But Great

They’re old-school, but Guild applications are a good thing. They weed out trash, and a good application has a fantastic ability to sniff out those who aren’t genuine, or who’re seeking to join the Guild for ulterior motives (such as purely progressing in Raids). Many organised guilds use applications, and will use follow-up questions to expand on your answers. Yes it’s a ball-ache filling one out, but I’ve always found that those guilds which follow a robust recruitment system end up having a far greater quality of players, who genuinely want to be part of that guild. Taking the time to fill out an application is absolutely worth it.

Expect Bad Guilds, Before Good Ones

As noted above, there are tons of bad guilds in World of Warcraft and you need to be prepared for that. Don’t join a new guild expecting it to be a perfect fit. In fact, it’s probably best to go in with nothing more than open mind. Many of my friends have often put all their hopes on a new guild, only to find out later down the line that it really wasn’t for them. They’ve ended up incredibly disappointed, and this has resulted in them falling out of love with WoW for some time. Remembering that there’s many bad guilds, and that good ones are tough to find, allows you to develop a thicker skin.

Finding a good guild within the in-game system isn't easy.

Don’t Rely On The In-Game System

Honestly, it’s pretty awful. It's a very simple system that, in most cases, will offer you a massive spread of Guilds with very little means of drilling down on what they offer. Most Guilds have simple descriptions, getting in touch with those in charge bloody difficult, and they all tend to be slow to respond to join requests. By all means use the in-game system if you’re looking for little more than a social guild, but don’t expect to find anything incredible through it.

Look "Online"

Without fail, I’ve always found brilliant guilds looking outside of the game. Whether you use your server forum, or the Reddit recruitment, spending the time to read through threads and visit guild websites will always glean a great deal of information. Guilds going out of their way to make threads in recruitment sections also gives some solid insight into how they’re run, who’s in charge, and what they stand for. I tend to avoid guilds that write terrible recruitment threads, or those which don’t have a website. Perhaps it’s an old habit of mine, but looking online for these two things often results in me finding some pretty good guilds.

Put Effort In

I’ve often found that you get out of a guild, what you put in. There’s no use joining a guild and failing to engage with its members. Irrespective of which guild you pick, give it 100%. Say hello when you log in, start discussions, form groups and participate in guild activities. Even if it transpires that the guild you’ve joined isn’t for you, at least you know you put effort into it.

Talk To Strangers

I originally found my earliest (and now long-term community) simply by chatting in a dungeon party. We got talking about where we were from, and it transpired I lived not far from the individual. Unsurprisingly, I eventually asked to join their guild and fast-forward almost 8 years, and I'm still very much a part of their community. Even in World of Warcraft this week alone, I've managed to gain 3 really good friends that I'm already talking to on a daily basis. Don't be shy: talk to people!

Have some advice on how players can go about finding a good guild? Let me know and I'll add it to this list.

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Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018

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