Void Storage is a new feature being rolled in patch 4.3 in World of Warcraft to add long-term storage. It’s an à la carte method of storage where you pay as you go, for each deposit and withdrawal, as an incentive to put something into storage and leave it. Void Storage strips away all of your gems, enchants, and other item modifications in an attempt to reduce server overhead and then keeps it locked away until you’re ready to pay for a withdrawal.

Void Storage Guide

The basic premise is this; you’ll have an 80 slot bag for long-term storage where each deposit or withdrawal into or from will have a cost per item. If you place an item in that has modifiers on it (enchants, gems, etc.) they will be stripped. Then your item will sit in storage forever, until you pay the fee to pull it back out.

You’ll have a confirm dialogue available for your deposits/withdrawals. So you can drag what you want to put in or take out from it then confirm, along with your payment. How much does Void Storage cost? Well, no one knows at the moment, but we can assume it will be reasonable and/or level based.

Void Storage is a permanent long-term storage solution, so all of the items placed into it are meant to stay in it for a long time. Think of it like a Certificate of Deposit where you’re penalized for withdrawing money from it early.

What good is Void Storage? Well, it’s for saving long-term items, especially items you want to use for transmogrification at some point and anything that has any collectable value. You might not ever equip your first set of gear, but it’s sitting there in storage taking up all of your space.

The interface seems very simple to use and should help avoid accidental charges.

The basic premise is that you’ll use your bank for what it’s needed for: storing things that you need or use on a somewhat frequent basis. Like crafting materials, PvP armor sets, and consumables while your long-term storage will hold items that you probably won’t ever need to use again but don’t want to give up or sell.

Long-Term Storage Controversy

Of course, there are a few things wrong with anything that Blizzard does these days when it comes to the vocal minority. A lot of players are up in arms over the fees included, especially since it strips your enhancements whenever you place the item into storage. On the flip side, anything that sucks gold out of the economy is a win/win for everyone since it lowers prices on items across the board.

The counter argument is that you are placing items into a storage that you shouldn’t need to use again for a long time, meaning more inventory space but if you should ever need the items they are available for you. Without Void Storage we’d all be sitting around with half of our inventory as mail messages and funny quest items we never use.

Others feel that this is a mediocre approach to the issue that has plagued players since launch – inventory space. Some players feel that the limits on inventory space are insane and adding in a crazy storage system that actually charges you to use is beyond silly and suggest having special inventory space for cosmetic items, like the aforementioned silly quest items or turning some items (like the Rainbow Generator) into spells.

Another oddity is that the storage slots come in sets of ten, meaning that you might have to unlock more slots with an upfront gold cost (especially with the language “up to 80 slots”). Many players already afraid of high gold costs don’t want to end up having to pay their hard earned gold for the privilege to use this service.

No matter how you view it, we’ve all gone without a long-term storage solution in World of Warcraft for a long time now. So if there is anything about the system that you disagree with then you can simply not use it. Unlike your bank, where you have to store items that can’t fit in your inventory, Void Storage is simply a way to help players who hoard everything get some much needed relief.

So what are the first few items you’ll be placing into your Void Storage? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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