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me hearties! It be
Pirate’s Day in real life and in t’ wonderful World
o’ Warcraft. In honor o’ this very special day,
Blizzard has a wee bit o’ fun planned for players. To be sure
you get the full Pirate experience we here aboard th’ good
ship Ten Ton Hammer wish t’ help you sail in the starboard
direction t’ getting t’ full Pirate experience.
Read on t’ find out how.

It seems that in honor o'
Pirate’s Day, Dread Captian Demeza and her motley
crew have landed in lovely Booty Bay. There you will find her and her
band o' Pirates, includin' her First Mate Hapana and his companion
Nyuni, have managed t' take over t' top o' t' bank and be throwin' a
grand old party complete with Fireworks, random six pounder fire, and
Pirate themed music t' dance to.

highlight of the day comes
for those who are brave enough to muster up the courage to actually
speak with the good Captain and have a drink with her. These players
will not only enjoy being transformed into an honorary crew member for
the day (complete with Pirate costume lasting 12 hours), but will also
gain the achievement: style="font-style: italic;">The Captain’s

hurry and head on over to
Booty Bay and seek out Captain DeMeza to collect your
Pirate’s Day booty and party like a Pirate before the town
officials throw the rowdy Pirates back out into the South Seas until
next year! Can’t be online for Pirate’s Day?
Celebrate your love of Pirates all year round by collecting your very
own Pirate gear as seen in target="_blank"
in Slot: World of Warcraft Fashion.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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