Finding your way around in the World of Warcraft (WoW) has always been an issue. Where can you fly from and to, which zones have flight points and which do not, can all be confusing to new and old players alike. Travel by flight used to be an undertaking, having to follow strict paths that only connected to other specific flight points. You had to fly from one point to another starting and stopping at each. Sometimes this involved going to someplace out of the way to make a proper connection.

Thankfully travel has been made much easier since WoW's inception, with the introduction of end to end flights. This means that now you simply need to be on the same continent as your destination and visit any flight master. From there you select your destination and you will automatically make all the proper connecting flights without stopping. Several new flight paths have also been added over time to make travel more convenient to several previously difficult to reach locations.

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Now that flight paths themselves are not nearly as important as they once were, flight maps can also be simplified. Each map shows the location of each factions flight points in either blue for the Alliance or red for the Horde. In addition the maps show locations that have either faction based, are neutral, or have dual flight points as orange dots. To get to any point that you can reach all you need to do is visit it once on foot (or mount) to learn its location and then you can reach it from any other flight point you have.

The exact path that you take is left up to the flight master and can be determined by looking at the charts below that outline the actual flight paths, to most players this is no longer a concern though.

Each continent has been given a whole section as a separate page with a map and then a chart that shows the exact paths. The charts are just for those that want to understand all the possible ways to get around, since end to end path choices are now automated. They show which flight points connect to which other flight points in the order that the origin point appears on the map from North to South.

You can click on any of the maps to reach a larger version.

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The guide is broken up as follows:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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