our Horde leveling guide nearly completed, it is time we here at
Ten Ton Hammer show the other side some love. Starting this week we
will be diving head on into an Alliance leveling guide and are pleased
to present the first installment which will cover levels 1-10 and the
various starting zones experienced by new Alliance players of all races.

New Draenei just
entering the world will find themselves on a strange
spacecraft faced with their first quest, “You
Survived“, in front of them. Apparently the Draenei ship, the
Exodar, has crashed and you are one of the few surviving Draenei left.
It is your duty to continue on to the crash site to lend what aid you
can. Completing this first entry level quest will unlock a slew of
other quests for completion.

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Alliance Leveling Guide - Starting Zones - Levels

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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