The Argent Tournament isn’t about the daily quests; it’s all about the Champion Seals which result in glorious rewards along with the plentiful amount of achievements. Are you looking for the fastest most straight forward guide to get through everything to do in the Argent Tournament? Well, you’ve found a guide that does just that.

Argent Tournament Overview

You can even hit level 80 off the tournament. Quests start at level 77.

You have three different levels of daily quests available and after the completion of each series of quests you’ll be given access to additional quests. By the time you’re finished with everything it’ll take about a month of dedication, reaching exalted rep with all of your home factions, and a lot of work. However, your reward will be tons of gold, achievements, and the ability to buy heirloom items/rare items through the tournament.

You start off as an Aspirant as your first phase and this phase lasts three days. After the third day you can become a Valiant of <insert faction>. The Valiant’s challenge lasts a total of 5 days afterwards you become a Champion of that respective faction and are given the option to become a Valiant for another faction. There are five total factions and when you have championed all of them (25 days total) you can become an Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde/Alliance and unlock the last series of daily quests, assuming you’re exalted with all of your home factions along with the Argent Crusade.

There are some other things, like the Sunreavers/Silver Covenant that apply. We’ll go into more details on those later.


Joining the Crusade in style!

Pack up you bags and fly north of Dalaran into Icecrown to the very tip of the northern border. There you will find the Argent Tournament. There is a breadcrumb quest that will lead you to the tent for your faction. Horde is south and Alliance is north. Here you will be trained in the joust. Your first three quests are the Mastery of Melee, Mastery of the Charge, and Mastery of the Shield-Breaker. Each of these three quests instructs you on using the jousting mounts skills to take down an enemy. To start jousting you’ll need to equip your lance and mount your steed outside of the tent, then walk to the northern training section. Jousting mounts work just like vehicles, so it wouldn’t be too much to figure out.

 On the melee target be sure to apply three shields to yourself, on the charge target remember to use a shield breaker before you start, and for shield breaking keep hammering shield breaker on the same target to save yourself some effort.

After these three quests are done you’ll be given Up To The Challenge, a quest that requires 15 Aspirant Seals. These are done through three daily quests that award 5 seals upon completion of all three so it’ll take just three days to finish it all. There are three quests given to you:

One Blade Forging Quest (and only one a day):

  • A Blade Fit For A Champion: Go to Ashwood Lake in Grizzly Hills (61,51) and kiss frogs while Wart-B-Gone is applied to you until a maiden spawns. Once she does talk to her to get the item.
  • The Edge of Winter: Go to 54,75 and kill Lord Everblaze then go to (42,19) in Crystalsong Forst where you can use the Everburning Ember on a frost nymph. The sword will be placed in your inventory.
  • A Worthy Weapon: Go to the dam in Crystalsong Forest on the edge of Icecrown and gather the flowers. From there go to 93,25 in Dragonblight and use the flowers to summon a troll who will place the sword on the ground. Simply loot it to continue.

Two Aspirant Quests

  • Training In The Field: Kill any 8 Scourge in Icecrown (not including those found in the Bombardment).
  • Learning The Reigns: Remember the 3 earlier training quests? Repeat them.

After you have collected 15 seals you will be given The Aspirant’s Challenge in which you will fight a Valiant and should you win, be offered a choice to become a Valiant of one of the five main cities in the tent.


Before you start on the Valiant dailies it’s imperative that you know about jousting. It’s one of the most frustrating mechanics for some players and can result in hours of keyboard slamming and mouse throwing for aggressive types. There are a few basic things you should know.

You will begin on your jousting mount (you can choose any mount out there; they are unlocked as you become champions with the other factions). After you mount up, travel to the location of the joust (The Valiant jousting area is beside each tent and you can challenge the opposing faction’s Valiants if you so wish while the Champion jousting area is on the south side).

[protip]Someone on the ground can attack the enemy jouster for you while you just work on taking its shields down. This can work if you have a really slow computer or just can't get the hang of it.[/protip]

You have four main buttons. Thrust with melee, throw a shield-breaker, charge, and shield. Here is what each does:

  • Thrust: Standard melee attack that does 3,250 damage and has a 2 second cooldown.
  • Shield-Breaker: A 5-30 yard range attack that deals 2000 damage and removes one layer of Defend. 2 second cooldown
  • Charge: 8-25 yard range attack that charges at the enemy dealing 8,500 damage and removes 1 layer of Defend. 6 second cooldown.
  • Defend: Reduces damage taken by 30% and stacks up to three times. Charge and Shield-Breaker will remove one layer of Defend. 4 second cooldown

Knowing this, combat should become easier. You will need to remove the enemy’s shield while doing damage. This is accomplished with a simple combo: Charge and Thrust. Thrust is on an independent global cooldown from Shield-Breaker, Charge, and Defend. Three layers of Defend will reduce damage by 90% (so 3,250 becomes 325 damage).

You should work off a simple priority list. Keep 3 layers of Defend up at all times to minimize all damage and maintain close range to your enemy to prevent them from being stripped. Secondly, you should prioritize stripping the enemy of their layers of Defend. Lastly, you should focus on raw damage.

The basic formula for jousting should work as follows. Apply three layers of Defend and speak with the NPC. Begin spamming the Charge key and as soon as they flag into combat Charge; while you’re flying towards them spam Thrust as well. Spin around (try mouse walking) and while you’re on the spin around spam the Shield-Breaker key. If you’re successful you’ll be in melee range of the enemy with two shields down and a large amount of damage done.

At this point, follow a pattern. Refresh Defend and when Charge is up run through the enemy, spin around and charge. As you pass through them spin around and Shield-Break them. Apply Thrust at every given opportunity and refresh Defend.

At some point, when you are comfortable enough, you can omit Charge and use Shield-Breaker only to defeat the enemies. It’s actually quite simple to do, just keep getting 2-yards away facing them and Shield-Break. Repeating this will prevent them from stripping your Defend and keep their shields down.

That’s about it to the joust!

A Valiant’s Charge

Get ready for four fun daily quests five times five oh my!

As mentioned earlier, you will need 25 Valiant Seals to complete The Valiant’s Charge and you will get five a day. The following are the five daily quests you will have now:

  • Blade Forging Quest (see above)
  • A Valiant’s Field Training: You will need to slay 10 Converted Heroes at around 44,49 (western Icecrown). They come in packs of 2 usually, but you can take on a whole line of them and AoE them down if you are over geared.
  • The Grand Melee: Obtain 3 Mark of the Valiants by winning 3 jousts against Valiants. Valiants will start with 2 shields and are rather weak.
  • At The Enemy’s Gates: You will need to kill 15 Boneguard Footman, 10 Boneguard Scouts, and 3 Boneguard Lieutenants by jousting them at the Court of Bones in front of Icecrown Citadel. This is a relatively easy quest although daunting. You will be given a mount that does insane damage (more than the regular jousting mount). The Lieutenants are the only difficult enemy, but come down in 2 Charges. Scouts go down in 2 Shield-Breakers and Footmen are destroyed by walking over them. Avoid Commanders, who have three stacks of Defend up, for now at least.

After you complete five days worth of quests and gain 25 seals you will be given The Valiant’s Challenge which will have you duel a Champion. It’s the same fight, just harder and with better A.I. Afterward, return to get A Champion Rises. At this point you can become a Valiant of any of the other factions until you are a champion with all of them.

Once you become a champion with one faction you will be given 10 Champion Seals and the ability to shop at that faction’s store. You will gain the title Champion of <City Name> and access to champion dailies. You DO NOT have to stop being a Valiant with a faction after the first 25 seals and the A Valiant’s Charge only consumes 25. You gain 250 reputation for each quest (1,000 a day) so if you’re low on rep and don’t want to grind to Exalted then this is a perfect way to do so.

A Champion’s Life for Me

Good fight indeed! Champions are somwhat tougher to take down.

Once you become a Champion of one faction you will open up four new daily quests from the Ebon Blade (Death Knights) or the Crusaders (in the main Crusader tent). A breadcrumb quest will take you there. The four quests are:

  • Threat From Above (Requires the Black Knight’s Chain finished): You will have to kill Chillmaw who is at (44,33). It’s a group quest easily duoable. Chillmaw will have three bombers on board who throw bombs down. Keep moving, even geared players will get blown up fast if you don’t move away from the bombs. Spam general for help in doing the quest. For Chillmaw himself, just DPS him down, really.
  • Taking Battle To The Enemy: Kill 15 Cult of the Damned members. There are some west of the camp that are easy.
  • Battle Before the Citadel: If you got a group for Chillmaw they will often say threat/cit. This is “cit” which is Internet speak for Citadel! Same quest as At The Enemy’s Gate except you only need to kill 3 Boneguard Commanders. Easily soloable, assuming you’ve got some mastery at the joust.
  • Among the Champions: You will need 4 Mark of the Champion. Easy, if you can joust champions down fast enough. See our jousting guide if you’re having problems.

Doing all of the quests will get you 4 Champion’s Writs OR Champion’s Purses (Writs are turned in for 250 rep/purses give 10 gold and a slight chance at Champion Seal) and 5 Champion Seals (Threat gives 2) along with 52 gold. You can earn 92 gold assuming you take nothing but purses, but it’s worth the gold to just get the rep instead.

Crusader’s Charge

Too… many… daily quests…

You can become a Crusader whenever you’re exalted with all five home cities, the Argent Crusade, and have championed all five factions. At this point you will have two new quests per day that offer 2 more Champion Seals.

You will also gain the ability to buy from the Crusader’s quartermaster. You can turn in your Crusader Seals for Heirlooms (60 for BP, 75 for 1-handers, 95 for 2-handers), the Pony Bridle which gives you a long cooldown bonus to your Argent Squire who can check your mail and open your bank for you along with the Argent Crusader’s Tabard which will teleport you back to the Tournament Grounds.

High Crusader Adelard

You get one of four random quests each day to kill a “boss” (a named regular mob). Three of them are in Hrothgards landing and one of them is over with the Cultists west of the base.

Crusader Silverdawn

He has two random quests (one a day): The Fate Of The Fallen which has you save six Fallen Heroes with a relic and Get Kraken which has you mount a hippogryph and spear a Kraken which is easy. It’s followed up by having you kill a few mistcallers, which are on a boat, and super easy to taken down as well.

Someone Else Likes Me!

Not really, but the Sunreavers/Silver Covenant might think a little better of you.

At some point you will become exalted with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers and have three new quests show up each day, assuming you’re a Champion with someone. You’ve Really Down It This Time, Kul is offered each day (just go rescue him and 4 aspirants real fast, they’re with the cultists west of the camp). You get two random ones from the pool:

Feeding Quests

  • What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?: Fly north to your respective faction’s boat (the ones not under constant attack) and use the Chum in the water (buckets are on the boat). A shark will attack most of the time, otherwise an Angry Kvaldir will come.
  • Breakfast Of Champions: Done in the Storm Peaks, head to the Foot Steppes and use the drum to summon Jormungars.
  • Gormok Wants His Snobolds: Go to Garm’s Bane and capture Snobalds in the Storm Peaks. Easy.
  • A Leg Up: Go to Hrothgar’s Landing, to the island. The meat is everywhere.
  • The Lights Mercy: Go to Hrothgar’s Landing and use the Confessor’s Prayer Book on 8 Walrus people corpses.
  • Stop the Aggressors: Kill 10 Kvaldir, they’re at Hrothgar’s Landing
  • Rescue at Sea: Go to your faction’s boat and kill Kvaldir Berserks and Harpooners. Be careful with too much AoE or you’ll pull a ton of them on you.

The Black Knight

Monty Python Quote GOES HERE

The Black Knight chain is a fun quest series that’s mostly self explanatory. It explains how the scourge infiltrates the tournament and slays some of the champions. It starts with The Black Knight of Westfall/Silverpine and follows up with you going to Crystalsong, investigating some graves, and stalking the Black Knight before you eventually fight him yourself.

Well that’s the cut and dry of the tournament! Though, as time goes on, much like other zones this will probably be abandoned by players, but the achievements for it stick around.

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