Healing is, without a doubt, one of the hardest and most demanding jobs
in World of Warcraft. In order to achieve their maximum potential, all
healers must be sure to have the best and most effective enhancements
on their gear at all times. However knowing what enhancements are out
there, what it takes to get them, and what exactly they do can be a
chore. That’s why we here at Ten Ton Hammer have compiled
this guide to save you the leg work and put all the best healing
enhancements in one convenient place.

Unlike the days of
old, Spirit simply increases the healers mana
Regeneration while not casting and doesn’t do much more
outside of that. While some healers may find that certain talents (such
as Holy Priests) will help make better use of Spirit, most healers will
find that the gear they pick up will have more than enough Spirit on it
to provide them with adequate mana regeneration. If not, healers do
have the option to Reforge pieces of gear if needed. Enchanting and/or
Gemming for Spirit is not necessary unless there is no better option.

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Cataclysm: Healing Enhancements.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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