Now With More Rogue-y-ness

Rogues are the shadowy stealth like damage class in World of Warcraft
and are full of surprises. Making a new rogue can be a challenging
experience with all of the options available at character creation. Our
newest addition to our Rogue Guide is an extended look at the rogue
class and to kick things off it goes deep into detail about creating a
brand new rogue by explaining what races you should pick, where you're
going to start, what professions you should consider to get, and how
various stats work. So don't get stuck trying to figure out the Rogue
class when our extensive Rogue Guide is out to help you!

A Rogue's M.O. is a quick burst of front-loaded
damage, followed by a
short period of sustained damage, punctuated by periodic bursts of
damage, ultimately leading to the killing blow.  How a Rogue
does this is by sneaking up on an enemy undetected, then striking from
a near-invisible state.  As the Rogue progresses through a
fight, he/she sets up the enemy for a heavy blow by building up Combo
Points.  Sometimes the finishing blow results in the killing
blow or it weakens stronger enemies until they die.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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