Honor, Gold...and Fish

With Patch 2.4, a handful of new Daily Quests became available for some
players who meet certain  requirements. The quests range from
PvP-based objectives yielding
honor and gold, to new fishing quests for those whose skill is
enough. In this guide we'll cover these new quests as well as their

You will be asked to go fish for a Blackfin Darter -
they are in the
rivers of Terokkar Forest. You may not fish in a lake, as they only
live in rivers, and you will probably need 375 fishing + a lure in
order to secure a catch. Just make sure to click quickly once you see a
bite, or you may lose this catch! Once you've obtained your Blackfin
Darter, head back and turn your Quest in.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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