This Tuesday Icecrown Citadel is set to expand in the World of Warcraft, as another wing is opened in the Lich Kings lair. This week sees the lab and experimentation area of Professor Putricide called the Plagueworks open up for players. All of the fights in this wing are fairly complicated and being new do you know enough to survive? What bosses are there, what do you need to watch out for, and how do you avoid looking like a noob? All this is explained by our very own Byron “Messiah” Mudry to get you ready for the raid.

Professor Putricide is the last boss in the Plagueworks wing of the Icecrown Citadel.  He is the insane Professor that created the two previous bosses and wants to cure us of all our flesh. 

While not much is known just yet as the Professor was not officially tested in PTR we do know a few things.  One mentioned piece of info is that the fight will require players to drink the various potions on his work bench to interact with things going on in the room.

You can find out all the details in the guide here: Icecrown Citadel - The Plagueworks

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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