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="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);"> style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Hot Pocket

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Survive
being thrown
into Ignis the Furnace Masters Slag Pot

very simple achievement that really requires you to really do nothing
at all. Every so often Ignis will randomly pull a raid
member(The main tank will never be pulled into the pot, so
rotate tanks from week to week to make sure
everyone gets a chance at this achievement) into his Pot,
and as long
as you have been nice to your healers and they manage to keep
you alive, you will receive this achievement. Please note that players
are still able to use abilities while in the pot, healers can
still heal and DPSers can still DPS, but the main focus should be
helping keep yourself alive. Ice Block, Cloak of Shadows, and Paladin
Bubble will cause you to fail the achievement, only use these if you
are close to death, or no longer need the achievement.

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Shattered style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Ignis the
Furnace Master after shattering 2 Iron Constructs within 5 seconds

While this achievement sounds easy, do not be fooled, due to the
fact  that the Constructs each give Ignis a stacking buff
(Strength of theCreator) which increases his damage by 15% per stack,
not being coordinated and not taking care of the two Constructs you
have activecould easy get your tank killed causing a wipe.

In order to kill both Constructs within the allotted 5 seconds,
beforethe fight begins be sure to assign one DPS (or more if needed for
heroic) to the adds full time as usual. Assign another DPSer to be
    ready for the callout to switch to the
second Construct that will be active later. Also determine at what
point you will be allowing the  two Constructs to be active. I
would suggest attempting this    
acheivement with Ignis as close to dead as possible, this way even if
your tank dies there is still a chance to kill Ignis and gain the

Engage Ignis as normal, and progress through the fight using the
strategy usually employed by your guild. At the predestinated point
stop killing the adds until two have spawned. Both MT and OT will
    now be taking extra damage and putting
more strain on the healers. The OT should move the adds into
Ignis’s Scorch pool as quickly as possible, allowing the adds
to become Molten. Then the adds must be moved just as quickly into the
closest pool of water so they become Brittle. Call out for the two
predetermined DPS to open fire on the adds using the spell most likely
to kill the add (Brittle Constructs only require a blow of 5000 or more
to die) in one shot. Continue back to the fight as normal, and once
Ignis is dead you will have completed  this achievement.

style="width: 519px; height: 89px;" alt=""
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the Furnace

style="color: rgb(30, 66, 137);">Defeat Ignis the
Furnace Master in 4 minutes

The name of the game here will be zerging Ignis down as quickly as
possible. In order to pull off this achievement you will need to adjust
your group, instead of 3 healers bring two, or if possible one and an
off spec healer if your group can pull it off (adjust for 25 man as
needed). Pull Ignis so he is facing one of the pools of water and have
all healers and DPS stack up in a pile behind Ignis making
group  heals more effective. Using this method your group will
never need to move except for the OT.

The OT will be picking up all the adds, but instead of killing them the
OT will simply hold them. The adds are sharable and stunnable
so make use of any classes movement slowing abilities. While the OT is
grabbing the adds the rest of the raid will be DPSing Ignis. Blow all
cool downs possible, do not stop dpsing unless you are close to
 pulling agro. You should be able to kill Ignis before you
reach 5  stacks of Strength of the Creator.

 Do not be discouraged if you do not manage this achievement
the first time. After some practice, and gear upgrades this achievement
will become easier and easier, to the point where you may even be able
to do this with a normal raid group, and possibly killing all the

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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