Another Boss Bites the

World of Warcraft's latest 5-man instance, Magisters' Terrace, has
three bosses blocking the way to the ultimate goal, Prince Kael'thas.
So far the Magisters' Terrace Guide has explained how to defeat the
various and sundry enemies populating the halls of this instance along
with the first obstacle in the way, Selin Fireheart. Now it's been
updated with details on defeating Vexallus, the second boss full of
arcane energies. Information about abilities, as well as the best
strategies to defeat this
menacing opponent, have been included. So what are you waiting for?
the Shattered Sun Offensive purge Azeroth of the corrupted prince, his
allies, and especially his evil intentions.

Vexallus is the second boss in Magisters' Terrace and
is significantly
more difficult than Salin Fireheart. The fight is a rush between
healing and DPS due to the nature of the stacking debuffs the Pure
Energy spawns cast on any member of your party who deal the killing
blow to them. It's advised to bring some Arcane resistance and Arcane
Protection Potions for groups that are not overgeared for the instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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