The Therazane faction holds the key to those much sought after shoulder
enchants that we all so desperately want. However, when you first enter
Deepholm you will find Therazane, her daily quests, and her
quartermaster are nowhere to be found. How do you unlock this faction
and what happens after you do?

Much like the Sons of
Hodir that were introduced in the Wrath of the
Lich King expansion, players will find themselves starting out as Hated
with Therazane and will need to “prove” themselves
to her and her elemental minions
before obtaining access to daily quests and reputation rewards. To do
this players
will need to do some extensive questing in the zone.

Find the answer to the above question and more in: href=""
target="_blank"> Making Nice with the
Stone Mother - Therazane Reputation Guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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