Holy Talent Guide

This Holy Talent Guide goes over each of the talents in the Paladins holy talent tree. The holy talent tree is for Paladins that want to heal, which is the most viable Paladin Build available. A huge percentage of Paladins focus on the Holy tree at max level. While it does offer some offensive abilities and other options, if you go any depth into it, it is generally to heal others. Even if you focus on another talent tree it is not uncommon to have 20 or 21 points spent here for the main healing abilities. The base healing talents are Divine Intellect, Spiritual Focus, Healing Light and Illumination, with Divine Favor added if you can spare the extra point.

Return to the Paladin Talent Guide. The Paladin Talent guide contains the links to the Protection and Retribution Talent guides along with resources to better help you understand Talents and the best ways to go about spending your Talent Points.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is available at level ten, when your first talents open up.

  • Spiritual Focus -
    Max 5 points, reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks by up to 70% while casting Flash of Light and Holy Light.
    • A must have talent for all holy paladins. It allows you to keep healing even when being hit.
    • Highly Recommended
  • Seals of the Pure -
    Max 5 points, Increases the damage done by your Seal of Righteousness, Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption and their Judgement effects by up to 15%.
    • A good talent for Retribution and Protection Paladins that come into the Holy tree.
    • Not very useful for Holy Paladins though as you will not be attacking very much.
    • Skip it as Holy, Take as Retribution or Protection

Tier 2

Tier 2 talents are available as soon as you have 5 points in that talent tree.

  • Healing Light - Max 3 points, Increases the amount healed by your Holy Light, Flash of Light and the effectiveness of Holy Shock spells by up to 12%..
    • On a max rank heal this adds a significant amount. Max level heals can easily crit for over 14,000 health. That means over 1,000 is being granted by this talent.
    • Must Have for Holy Paladins

  • Divine Intellect - Max 5 points, up to 15% extra intellect.
    • Greatly improves your mana pool
    • Useful for all paladin builds
    • Recommended
  • Unyielding Faith - Max 2 points, reduces the duration of all Fear and Disorient effect by up to 30%.
    • It's always nice to avoid fear and disorientation whether in PvP or PvE encounters. This is especially useful for PvP though.
    • If your into PvP grab it.

Tier 3

Tier 3 talents are available as soon as you have 10 points in that talent tree.

  • Aura Mastery - 1 point, increase aura range to 40 yards.
    • If you want to keep at max distance for fights as a healer, or be in the fight and still provide aura benefits to everyone else, this talent is useful.
    • Grab it if you can spare a point and mainly do instances or raids. Useless for soloing and questing.
  • Illumination - Max 5 points, gives you up to a 100% chance to gain back 60% of the mana of your heals after a critical heal.
    • This ability combines with many of your other holy abilities to offer amazing mana efficiency. At max level with fully holy talents you will be casting roughly 1/4 of your Holy Light heals for 40% mana cost!
    • Must Have for Holy Paladins
  • Improved Lay of Hands - 2 points, increases armour of player by up to 50% and reduces cooldown by up to 4 minutes.
      • The armour is nice, and offers a bit of a reprieve from damage when you use lay of hands as an emergency.
      • The reduced cool down makes a big difference as the 4 minutes takes its time down to 16 minutes, meaning you can use it almost 25% more often. At 16 minutes it should be up for almost every raid boss, and I see most raiders taking it.
      • Situational

Tier 4

Tier 4 talents are available as soon as you have 15 points in that talent tree.

  • Improved Concentration Aura - Increase the effect of your Concentration Aura by up to an additional 15% and reduces the duration of any Silence or Interruption effect used against an affected group member by up to 30%.
    • This is a great casting aura as it allows you to ignore even more of the push back effect of spells.
    • Great for PvP for silence and interrupt effects.

  • Improved Blessing of Wisdom - Max 2 points, up to a 20% increase in the mana generated by blessing of wisdom
    • Again with the % based abilities. 20% sounds like a lot, however its really only about 10 mana per tick at max level. While it is something, its not amazing and can be skipped.

Tier 5

Tier 5 talents are available as soon as you have 20 points in that talent tree.

  • Pure of Heart - Max 2 points, reduces the duration of curses and diseases by up to 50%
    • As with unyielding faith, this is more a PvP talent. While it has some use in high level raids, it doesn't do much else.
    • Pick it up if your into PvP
  • Divine Favor - 1 point skill, Instant cast that makes your next heal automatically critically cast.
    • Combined with Illumination this allows for two big heals, since the first one will auto crit and you will get 60% of the mana back.
    • Allows huge mana efficiency when teamed with other talents.
    • Must Have for Holy Paladins
  • Sanctified Light - Max 3 points, increases the critical strike chance of your Holy Light and Holy Shock spells by up to 6%
    • Another of the great combination of healing abilities. Works well with Illumination to provide additional mana returned.
    • Must Have for Holy Paladins
  • Blessed Hands - Max 2 points, Reduces the mana cost and increases the resistance to dispel effects of all Hand spells by up to 30%.
    • A decent decrease in mana cost, but more importantly your Hands become resistant to dispelling.
    • Great PvP talent as it allows Hand of Freedom to stay active longer.
    • Recommended for PvP

Tier 6

Tier 6 talents are available as soon as you have 25 points in that talent tree.

  • Purifying Power - Max 2 points, decreases the mana used for cleanse and consecrate by up to 10% and increases the critical hit chance of Exorcism by up to 20%
    • While you will spend a lot of time cleansing if you are healing in raids, the 10% does not add up to a whole lot.
    • If you have points left, it may be worthwhile, but not as a first choice.
  • Holy Power - Max 5 points, increases the chance to critical with all holy spells by up to 5%
    • Another of the great combination of healing abilities. Works well with Illumination and sanctified light to provide additional mana returned.
    • Must Have for Holy Paladin

Tier 7

Tier 7 talents are available as soon as you have 30 points in that talent tree.

  • Light's Grace - Max 3 points, gives a 0.5 second reduction to Holy Light spells cast after the first (for 15 seconds), up to 100% of the time.
    • Improves your ability to heal by reducing your casting time of your main healing spell by 16%.
    • This is needed when you are raid or PvP healing as damage comes so fast that you need the decreased casting time.
    • Must Have for Holy Paladin

  • Holy Shock - 1 point skill, an instant heal or damage spell. You can train in multiple ranks of this spell.
    • Mana inefficient, but provides our only instant heal.
    • Dual purpose as it can be used offensively and does decent finishing damage in a PvP fight.
    • Can get by a bit of burst damage in PvP
    • Recommended for PvP
  • Blessed Life - Max 3 points, gives up to a 10% chance that all attacks against you cause half damage.
    • As a healer you are not likely to take much damage in PvE. However this is very useful as a PvP healer.
    • Therefore, ignore if your PvE and strongly consider if your PvP

Tier 8

Tier 8 talents are available as soon as you have 35 points in that talent tree.

  • Holy Guidance - Max 5 points, increases your spell power by up to 20% of your intellect.
    • This means a big increase to your healing ability and allows you to cast bigger heals.
    • It scales amazingly with gear, as you get more Intellect, you also get more casting power
    • If your this deep into holy it is to heal, take this huge advantage
    • Strongly Recommended
  • Infusion of Light - Max 2 points, Your Holy Shock critical hits reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light spell by up to 1 second.
    • Allows you to cast a faster Holy Light when you are trying to catch up after needing to cast a Holy Light.
    • Especially useful to catch up in PvP healing.
    • Recommended for PVP

Tier 9

Tier 9 talents are available as soon as you have 40 points in that talent tree.

  • Sacred Cleansing - 3 points max, Your Cleanse spell has up to a 30% chance to increase the target's resistance to Disease, Magic, and Poison by 30% for 10 seconds.
    • A solid PvP talent that allows you to provide some resistance to these abilities once you cleanse one off a friend.
    • Recommended for PvP

  • Divine Illumination - 1 point skill, reduces mana cost of all spells by 50% for 15 seconds.
    • A pretty good ability as you are likely to get 5 heals off during that time so it is an improvement and worth if your 40 points this deep into Holy anyway.
    • It's biggest bonus is that mana return from critical heals is based off of normal mana cost, so you actually gain extra mana while critically healing during this time.
    • Recommended
  • Enlightened Judgements - Max 2 points, increases the range of your Judgement spells by up to 30 yards and increases your chance to hit by up to 4%.
    • Allows a Healing Paladin to use judgements even when staying at range healing.
    • You will not be in range however to keep them active, but the extra damage every 10 seconds and the bonus effect is nice.
    • Recommended

Tier 10

Tier 10 talents are available as soon as you have 45 points in that talent tree.

  • Judgments of the Pure- Max 5 points, Your Judgement spells increase your casting and melee haste by up to 15% for 1 minute.
    • Combines nicely with your increased judgement range, as it provides a big speed increase while casting.
    • While it sounds nice you will be using a global cooldown every minute for this rather than healing.
    • Situation and depends on you getting used to it.
    • Skip it

Tier 11

Tier 11 is the top tier talent and is available as soon as you have 50 points in that talent tree.

  • Beacon of Light - 1 point skill, The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all targets within 40 yards. Any heals on those targets will also heal the Beacon for 100% of the amount healed. Only one target can be a Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts 1 minute.
    • Provides what is essentially a multiple heal to the Paladin class.
    • Allows you to heal others while still keeping the tank alive.
    • Great for raid fights with AoE or OT damage spikes as it allows you do do both at once.
    • Takes some serious getting used to so that you learn its proper use.
    • Must have talent for Raiding

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