Something with
Poooiiiiison In It!


We have updated our Rogue Guide with the most important Questlines you
must follow as soon as you hit level 20 with your Rogue. Poisons are an
extremely valuable asset for Rogues and contribute in many different
ways to your character's performance, from slowing enemies to dealing
more damage, be it instantly or over time. With this update, you will
know where to go to start your Poisons questline and what to do to
complete it.


style="font-style: italic;">Your task is simple, pickpocket
the Malformed Defias near the tower for the key, and then climb up,
while stealthed, to the very top of the tower. Once there, sap Klaven
and open his chest, taking the Journal, then go back to your questgiver.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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