A popular topic lately has been Scryer vs. Aldor, which to choose? It's a very hard choice to make as with any reputation involving two factions that dislike each other... grinding one kills the other. So if you make the wrong choice when you first start out then you'll end up having to spend nearly forever (well, not that long, but a far more considerable time then you'd want original have) switching over.

This guide is going to ignore the trinkets, weapons, and other equipment related items as those are substandard compared to instance loot and you can get about the same quality (if not better) items from crafting/other reputations. We'll be looking at Inscriptions and the Recipes which are somewhat unique for each side and we look at what to do if you need to change sides.

If you are looking for how to gain reputation with each side, then that part is simple. Various tokens drop off of Burning Legion and the Shadow Council throughout Nagrand, Blade's Edge Mountains, and Terokkar Forest. These tokens can be turned in for reputation with one side (which lowers your reputation with the other).


Inscriptions are like the ZG enchants, except they go on your shoulders, an item that previously had very few options when it came to enchanting (the Argent Dawn being the only enchant available I can think of). For most people it will come down to what class and build you prefer to play as to what side you should take. Remember, these enchants are useable by ANYONE as long as you the reputation to purchase them. They are Bind on Pickup though, so you will need the reputation with that faction to purchase them.

As far as enchants go, the Aldor add additional damage/healing over critical strike while the Scryer add more critical strike then damage/healing. Knowing this, you can pretty much tell where this is going. For PvE, tanks, Hunters, and anyone wanting more outright damage the Aldor will be best. Those looking for PvP enchants, more MP/5, and just more burst (critical strike massive damage) should go with the scryers.

That doesn't replace looking over the available information, though. You need to examine what they offer and see what you want the most for your character. Below is a list of available enchants that you can purchase and what level they are available. Scroll down for information on the available crafting recipes.


Greater Inscription of Discipline

Permanently adds up to 18 spell damage and healing and 10 spell critical strike rating to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of the Blade

Permanently adds 15 critical strike rating and 20 attack power to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of Faith

Permanently adds up to 33 healing and 4 mana per 5 sec. to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of the Knight

Permanently adds 15 defense rating and 10 dodge rating to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of Vengeance

Permanently adds 30 attack power and 10 critical strike rating to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of the Oracle

Permanently adds 6 mana per 5 sec. and up to 22 healing to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of Warding

Permanently adds 15 dodge rating and 10 defense rating to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

Greater Inscription of the Orb

Permanently adds 15 spell critical strike rating and up to 12 spell damage to a shoulder slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot.

I've left out the lesser inscriptions as they are pointless to base your opinion on. They contain, for the aldor, additional attack power, spell damage, and dodge rating. Scryer contain only the critical strike, defense rating, MP5, and spell critical.

Craftables & Spellthread

Additionally, you must choose sides based on your professions. The Scryers and Aldor both sell recipes for "Spellthread" (Talioring) and armor kits (Leatherworkers).

For spellthread recipes, you can break it down that the Scryers have the Mystic Spellthread (25 spell damage/15 stamina) and the Aldors have the Golden Spellthread (51 healing/18 stamina). Now, the funny thing about spellthread is that if your guild doesn't have a Scryer Talior in it then you can search out a pubby one since spellthread isn't Bind on Pickup. So feel free to take whichever side you want.

For the armor kits (which are tradeable as well), the Scryers offer a Magisters Armor Kit that adds 3 MP/5 (mana per 5 sec.) to chest, legs, hands, or feet. The Aldor offer the Vindicator's Armor Kit which adds 8 defense rating on chest, legs, hands, or feet. Both act as regular armor kits and the kits are tradeable.

For Blacksmiths, the equipable gear (which isn't overly impressive, outside of the resists). the Aldors offer a set of fire resistance craftable gear while the Scryer's offer a set of Arcane resistance craftable gear.

Alchemist may find that both choices are kind of meh, with the Scryers having the only recipe which is a potion that offers 65 Fire Damage for one hour.

For Jewelcrafting, the following gem recipes are available for each side:


Design: Gleaming Golden Draenite

+6 Spell Critical Rating
"Matches a Yellow Socket."

Design: Dazzling Deep Peridot

+1 Mana every 5 Sec and 3 Intellect
"Matches a Yellow or Blue Socket."

Design: Royal Shadow Draenite

+7 Healing Spells & +1 Mana per 5 Seconds
"Matches a Red or Blue Socket."

Design: Runed Blood Garnet

+7 Spell Damage
"Matches a Red Socket."

Isle of Quel'danas Rewards

The Shattered Sun Offensive offers four necklaces with each one having a different proc. Depending on if you’re exalted with the Scryers or the Aldors is what the proc is. Here are the procs:

Shattered Sun Pendant of ....

Acumen: Procs off of offensive spells. The Aldor proc is “Light’s Wrath” granting +120 spell damage and healing for ten seconds. The Scryer proc is an “Arcane Bolt” that does about 350 damage and can crit.

Restoration: Procs off of heals. The Aldor proc is “Light’s Salvation” which is +220 healing and +74 spell damage for ten seconds. The Scryer proc heals a friendly target for about 650 hp.

Resolve: Procs off of melee/ranged attacks. The Aldor proc grants +100 dodge rating while the Scryer proc adds +100 expertise rating for ten seconds.

Might: Procs off of melee/ranged attacks. The Aldor proc grants +200 attack power for ten seconds. The Scryer proc does an “Arcane Strike” that deals about 350 damage and can crit.

If the necklace is one of your desired items then its effect will change depending on who you’re exalted with. For the Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen it’s pretty easy to figure out which deals more damage. The spell damage buff is considerable but at the same time your cast speed has to be factored in. If you cast a 2 second spell then you’ll have about a 50% coefficient from spell damage. That’s 60 additional damage. If you cast 5 of these then you’ll have dealt 300 damage. If the direct damage ability procs then you’ll have dealt an instant 350ish damage. So here I’m going to say that I prefer the Scryer necklace. I do want to just put the fact that the Aldor proc can fire a whole lot and can add up, but the instant gratification is a lot better to me.

The Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration is a tough one. I’m going to go ahead and say that the Aldor would be my personal preference in this scenario. The Scryer one can save you in a tight spot and do a lot more healing. However, the Aldor one will not overheal so much allowing you to get more use out of it. They’re both amazingly awesome for a healer, though, so they’re both good choices.

The Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve is going to be somewhat easier on what’s better. The Scryer one is going to give you about a 6% chance that a mob will not parry or dodge your attacks while the Aldor gives +100 dodge rating or about 5% chance to dodge attacks. So you’re going to have more threat generation (especially for Warriors and Druids) vs. damage mitigation. Which is better? Well, to me I would go for damage mitigation (Aldor) unless I had issues with generating threat.

The last one, the Shattered Sun Pendant of Might is a tough choice. You’ll gain about 14 DPS from the attack power buff that the Aldors give while you’ll do an instant 350 damage from the Scryer proc. I use the Scryer proc because, again, the instant gratification is so much better than an increase of 20-40 damage a hit. Those with faster attack speeds or attack power junkies will probably want the Aldor one along with Rogues who are very finicky about dealing direct damage on melee hits.

Overall, the pendant for many in the modern landscape of the game will be a major deciding point on which road they want to take since it’s a very nice very “free” epic item that’ll last a really long time. Many use it in PvP as well since the stats (which I haven’t listed, check out our database to see ‘em) are also VERY nice although severely lacking in resilience. You can also carry each type so you can grab the DPS and the Tanking set or the spell damage and healing set.

Which to pick?

When the expansion first came out the rewards were very substantial since raiding, badge gear, and the Isle of Quel’danas/Zul’Aman were not out yet. Since then most of the rewards are nearly trinkets on the way to better items. The only thing that matters is shoulder enchants which breaks down to what build you’re going for and what stats you’re stacking for your build. Even then, the differences can sometimes be very minor.

So to choose do this. Look at the shoulder enchants and pick which ones look more appealing to you for what your final build will be. Then consider the pendants. You’ll end up getting one at seventy since you’ll need to grind daily quests for cash and the Isle of Quel’danas is one of the best places to do it in The Burning Crusade. Next thing is to consider the location. The Aldor’s rise is above the Scryer’s rise and you must ride the elevator down. On the Scryer rise you can safely fall off the elevator which will save you a lot of time if you bind in the inn (which is recommended for speedier travel). Then consider your trade professions. Tailors or Enchanters will probably find the Scryers to be much more tempting than the Aldors.

In the end, for the most part, if you’re having trouble I will personally suggest that you choose the Scryers. The fall off the elevator isn’t lethal (a big bonus), the Scryer quests when you level up are very entertaining, the pendants generally give an instant strike of some kind (a heal or damage) that is pretty gratifying when it fires, and I like the shoulder enchants. Many other players prefer the Aldors for their attack power bonuses which is fine too. You’ll have to pick for yourself and there is honestly no true winner with any class (although some builds will gain a lot more out of say attack power than critical strike rating).

One last thing, yes you can change sides and get both sides recipes if you are a completionist. Just remember when you gain faction with one side you loose a lot more with the other (until a certain point). So it'll take some time to grind all the way back up with the other faction, but it's possible. If you drop below Friendly status a quest opens up with both sides in the Lower City that lets you get back up to Friendly (250 rep for one faction, negative 270 for the other). At Friendly, the quest is no longer offered.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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