Leveling a profession can be a less than fun task in World of Warcraft,
but with the Cataclysm expansion looming it’s probably a good
idea to get your profession up to date as soon as possible. To help
assist you, the staff here at Ten Ton Hammer has  been working
diligently to get all their guides up to date. This week Mem is proud
to reintroduce the updated Tailoring Leveling guide, which will provide
the quickest and easiest way to finally get your Tailoring to max level.

Tailoring, like most
other professions, can become time consuming, and
costly during the skilling up process. Having a guide while leveling
your Tailoring can make things less painful in both the time and money
department. This guide will attempt to do just that, walking you
through the skill levels and offering suggestions as to which patterns
you should use to gain skill points.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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