Boomjack from our parent site has taken a comical look at terminology in WoW. He has wrtiten an article about the real meaning of WoW acronyms. For example:

“Add” - what Tanks apparently can’t do. As in:

Q. “Why the %**& did you just pull &*!*@! 17 ^^^ Demonic Exhalers of Ghastly Flatulence??

A. “Errm... I only counted two...sorry”

Also, an additional and unintended mob that joins the battle after it has already begun. Said mob is usually attracted by a party member skulking on the fringes of the fight leeching experience without actually contributing. Adds will run, fast and true to the member of the party with the least hitpoints and mash them to a seething stump before either the Tank or Healer notices that they are there.

Adds always beget the following statement from at least one party member, "InsertYourNameHere is dead. What happened?"


AFK - “away from keyboard” - an otherwise helpful character designation that, once announced, is immediately and permanently forgotten by the player. The term used by priests just before the boss mobs are pulled in Molten Core.

You can find the whole article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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