vs. Ghouls is a brand new mini-game implemented after the
Cataclysm expansion and was based off the wildly popular Plants vs.
Zombies game. Peacebloom vs. Ghouls manages to bring all of the zombie
killing fun directly into World of Warcraft. For those that manage to
prove themselves against the waves of Zombies by saving
Brazie’s Farmstead and his brain a very special reward
awaits. Taking out Zombies though can be more difficult than it seems.

So you’ve
reached the Farmstead and you’re standing
outside wondering if the happy looking sunflowers are really plotting
your demise or not (the answer
to which is probably a resounding yes, plants should really never be
THAT happy), but how do you get this party started? To get started
speak to Brazie the Botanist, who is a rather ugly looking Goblin
sporting very Druidesque gear who can be found standing just outside
the door to the farm house, between the creepy sunflowers. Brazie will
offer you a quest and once accepted the mini-game will begin.

Find out just what the special reward is, and how to get it without
getting your brains eaten in: href=""
target="_blank">WoW: When Ghouls Attack: Peacebloom
vs. Ghouls Minigame Guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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