While this quest line is still in the game as of writing this, this information may or may not remain relevant. It's kept here for historical purposes.

The Wrathion legendary quest chain is one of the really cool and different things about this whole expansion.  While each expansion has had an overarching theme and storyline, I don’t remember any expansion that had a quest chain quite like this. 

Each patch to Mists of Pandaria has added another set of quests from Wrathion along with a great new reward. First there was an awesome choice of gems that granted 500 of a key stat, next was the ability to add a prismatic gem socket to a weapon, and now there is more.

With patch 5.2 Wrathion will once again need your assistance with the following quests.

NOTE: This is all information from PTR and therefore subject to change at any point before release.

Wrathion 5.2 Legendary Quests

Meet Me Upstairs – Meet Wrathion on the second floor of the Tavern in the Mists.

This first quest is simply to head upstairs and talk with Wrathion and his visitor, which will be your factions second in command, for the Alliance this will be the crown prince.  You will then be given the following two quests.

I Need a Champion – Lay waste to the Isle of the Thunder King and earn Exalted with the Black Prince.

Kill enemies on the Isle of the Thunder King to earn reputation with the Black Prince.  Once you kill enough mogu, zandalari, and saurok on the isle you will reach exalted and complete the quest.

Secrets of the First Empire – Gather 20 trillium bars and 20 secrets of the empire for the Black Prince.

The trillium bars can be found on the auction house, so start saving them now.  The secrets of the empire can be found in by defeating enemies on the Isle of the Thunder King.

The Lightning Forge – Unlock the Lightning Forge on the Isle of the Thunder King and complete the Black Prince’s task there.

This quest is about helping your faction get to a point that the Lightning Forge becomes available to you.  Once it is completing the task there for the Black Prince.

Spirit of the Storm Lord – Unlock the final courtyard on the Isle of the Thunder King and defeat the Storm Lord Nalak.

This is the last area on the Isle of the Thunder King. Once here you will have to defeat the new world boss: the Storm Lord Nalak.

Echoes of the Titans – Collect 12 Titan Runestones for Wrathion.

For this quest you need to enter the new raid the Throne of Thunder.  These items will drop as random drops from the bosses, much the same as the previous raid drops did for the other parts of the Wrathion quest chains. 

Heart of the Thunder King – Slay the Thunder King and collect his heart for Wrathion.

To finish this quest you need to defeat the Thunder King himself.  This is the last normally available boss of the raid, Lei Shen.

The Crown of Heaven – Meet Wration atop Mason’s Folly near the Veield Stair.

Here Wrathion will create your reward, your choice of 4 different legendary meta-gems to enhance your helm.

A Reckoning – Contact Wrathion once your faction is ready to make it’s next move.

This is a place holder quest to remind you to come back to see Wrathion once patch 5.3 goes live.

Wrathion Patch 5.2 Legendary Quest Rewards

Here you can see the reward items that are granted once you have finished all of the quests that are available this patch for Wrathion.  You will have your choice of 1 of 4 different meta gems.  How good they are for your specific class or spec depends on your class and spec, but overall they are significantly better than other meta-gems out there.


This new quest chain adds even more flavour to the already intriguing story line that the Wrathion quest chains are telling so far. He is a super powerful dragon, and the last member of the Black Dragon flight.  While he has provided some great perks for us and more are on the way, I keep waiting to see what is going to happen next, since knowing who Wrathion’s father is, I can’t keep but thinking that we are going to be double-crossed at some point. 

What do you think of the Wrathion quest chain so far?  What do you think is yet to come?  Have your say in the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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