Mists of Pandaria has several unique features when compared to previous World of Warcraft expansions. The best one (in this authors opinion) is how Blizzard has made a huge effort this time around to tie in all the patches to one continuous storyline. Sure, past expansions had overarching storylines, but none put together and wrapped up in the game quite as well as in Mists of Pandaria.

One of the many pieces that work to glue the many parts together and for a cohesive storyline in the ongoing legendary quest chain that expands with each patch. While the legendary quest chain is just a part of the overall picture, many players look forward to the Wrathion quest chain each patch.

Patch 5.4 brings with it further tasks that Wrathion will again require help from players to complete. In return for completing these tasks they will be rewarded appropratly with legendary items.

If you havent completed all of the previous Wrathion quests, you can find the guide to the previous part here: Wrathion Patch 5.3 Legendary Quest Chain.

Wrathion 5.4 Legendary Quests

There are several new quests added to the legendary quest chain in patch 5.4. Wrathion will challenge players to complete the tasks outlined in the quests below.

A Timeless Discovery – Wrathion has discover a new part of Pandaria and wants you to meet him there.

Wrathion asks you to meet him at the newly revealed Timeless Isle, where he will provide more information and another quest. The Isle can be found trough the mists to the southeast of the Jade Forest.

Secrests of the Timeless Isle– Collect 50 Timeless Coins for Wrathion on the Isle.

These coins are earned by defeating the various enemies on the isle and by completing various events there.

The Emperor's Way - Defeat the four August Celestials of Pandairia.

You need to fight and defeat the four August Celestials of Pandrai: Yu'lon the Jade Serpent, Chi-ji the Red Crane, Xuen the White Tiger, and Niuzao the Black Ox.

Previously, in the patch 5.3 quest chain, you had to complete challenges for these entities, this time however you have to challenge and defeat them in combat. This will not be an easy task though as these four entities make up much of the spiritual power of Pandaria.

Each of the four August Celestials have been added to the game as an outdoor raid boss as of patch 5.4. This means that you will need to group up and defeat all four before you can complete this part of Wrathions quest line.

A Pandaren Legend – Meet with Wration at the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Having defeating the four August Celestials in combat Wrathion will be able to use the power of the Timeless Isle to greatly enhance the power in your cloak from the patch 5.3 part of the quest line.

There are four different enhancement options that you will be able to select from. Each of them is extremely powerful and focuses on one of the players types in the

  • Essence of Yu'Lon - You attacks have a chance to allow your next direct damage spell to burn the target with jade dragon fire. This will deal damage based on 200% of your spell power over 4 seconts to the target. Additionaly it will burn enemies near the target for AOE damage.
  • Spirit of Chi-Ji - Your healing spells have a chance to grant you a new buff called the Spirit of Chi-Ji. This buff boosts your heals by 5% for 10 seconds and bounces any overhealing done to the 5 closest players that require healing.
  • Endurance of Niuzao - You are granted a passive ability that saves you from one attack every 2 minutes that would otherwise kill you.
  • Flurry of Xuen - Your attacks have a chance to trigger a Flurry of Xuen attack. This attack deals 20% of your attack power to up to 5 targets in front of you every 0.3 of a second for 3 seconds.

Judgement of the Black Prince – Defeat Garrosh Hellscream in the new siege of Orgrimmar raid.

Wrathion reveals that this is his grand plan. He has helped you gain power and experience in Pandaria so that you will be able to defeat the corrupt Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and finally put an end to the war between the Alliance and Horde.

Venture into the Siege of Orgrimmar raid and defeat all of the bosses in it as you make your way to Garrosh. Once you defeat him you will complete this quest.

Wrathion lets you know up front that there is no grand reward at the end of this, he has given you everything he can to get you ready for this moment.

Wrathion Catch-Up Chances

With patch 5.4 Blizzard also added a way for players that have not completed previous sections of the quest line to catch up. It will still take a lot of work to complete the quest chain as players are still required to collect a lot of items, kills, and valor points. However they will be able to get all three of the tokens that are required for the various quests in the Throne of Thunder raid instead of having to head back to the older raids.

This will make it a whole lot less daunting to have to go back and earn the tokens from the older raids, where the items will not be useful for you, and you would only be completing the raid for the tokens anyway.


This new quest chain expands the overall quest line in an interesting way. Having to fight and defeat four powerful spirits of Pandaria will definatly be a challenge for players as well as an interesting part of the story, since they have been helpfull to you throughout the expansion.

Finding out that defeating Garrosh was Wrathions end goal for you is a little bit of a let down, as it likely is a hard confirmation that there is no legendary weapon for players at the end of the chain and expansion for players. It would have been nice to be able to get a specialized weapon each, but oh well.

One thing that is extremely interesting about this round of rewards is just how powerful some of the abilities granted from the legendary cloaks are. Some of the, are so good that I almost worry about never being able to replace them. Sure stats will get better in future expansions, but think about some of the bonuses, especially the healing and tanking ones.

The healing buff grants a huge boost to healing for both single target and AOE healing and the tanking benefit is a free death every 2 minutes. Both of these are so good that I would take them on my character and have a hard time replacing that item ever, even if it had no stats on it. While I love the abilities as they are powereful and flavourful I worry that Blizzard has painted themselves into a corner with them, are they too good?

What do you think of the Wrathion quest chain so far?  What do you think of the new boosted abilities that the legendary cloaks grant?  Will you ever replace you cloak once earned? Have your say in the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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