Wrynn's Vanguard is one of the brand new faction found in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion pack. Stationed at the base of Stormshield in Ashran, Wrynn's Vanguard are the Alliance based forces found here. Ashran is the brand new, level 100, instanced cross-realm world PvP zone being released with this expansion. Ashran also refers to the greater portion of the zone, which is not PvP affiliated.

These members of the Alliance have been sent into Dreanor at the bequest of King Wrynn. These elite members have been tasked with exploring the island of Ashran. Once home to a mighty ogre empire, the island now lays in total ruin. However, the secrets to be found here are limitless.

One of these secrets, powerful artifacts left over from days past, are the reason the Wrynn's Vanguard faction is here. These artifacts are so powerful that, according to Harrison Jones, it may even compare to Titan technology. Of course, both factions wish to capture this artifact and use it against the other. Also out to collect these artifacts are the Steamwheedle Preservation Society, who only want to turn a profit, and the Highmaul Ogre clan. Thus a race of sorts has ensued, with both factions (and others) frantically searching for these artifacts to use to defend against the other.

Wrynn's Vanguard - Earning Reputation

Alliance players that wish to earn reputation with the Wrynn's Vanguard faction will find the task far easier than in the past. In fact, all players need to do to earn reputation with this faction is complete objectives and quests inside the zone of Ashran. Sounds easy right? It is. Quests for the Allaince available in this zone that will earn you reputation with Wrynn's Vanguard include:

  • Welcome to Ashran
  • Vintage Free Action Potion
  • Uncovering the Artifact Fragments
  • Troll Feet
  • The Road of Glory
  • Tauren Hoof
  • Reporting for Duty
  • Phantom Potion
  • Pandaren Hide
  • Orc Tooth
  • Goblin Nose
  • Forsaken Brains
  • Blood Elf Ear
  • A TON of Artifact Fragments
  • A Few Artifact Fragments
  • A Bunch of Artifact Fragments

Wrynn's Vanguard- Artifact Fragments

As previously mentioned, this faction revolves around collecting those fabulous Artifact Fragments. Collecting these little beauties is all important. These Fragments can be looted from mobs in Ashran, as well as enemy players. Mobs killed in each quadrant of Ashran, for Artifact Fragments, reward a buff that increases the amount of Fragments gained. Be careful though, Fragments can also be rewarded by killing other players, yourself included. When any death occurs, the player drops half the Fragments he or she is currently carrying.

Wrynn's Vanguard – Rewards

Of course, being part of the honorable Alliance, the Wrynn's Vanguard faction will reward those who work hard to recover artifacts for their cause. Rewards are aplenty when it comes to this faction and can be purchased from Crafticus Mindbender. Crafticus can be found at the Horde base in Ashran. Many of these rewards can be very useful inside this unpredictable zone. Additional PvP related gear can also be purchased from Marshal Karsh Stormforge and Marshal Gabriel Rewards can be purchased for Gold, Honor and Conquest Points, or even those valuable Artifact Fragments.

Rewards for the Wrynn's Vanguard faction include:


Disposable Pocket Flying Machine – Flying machine that can carry your Artifact Fragments directly back to Warspear Outpost. 5 Charges.

Wrynn's Vanguard Battle Standard – Places a Battle Standard with 300,000 health the increases the Versatility of all grouped players that stay within 45 yards of it. Lasts 2 minutes. Only usable in Ashran.

Primal Combatant's Badge of Adaptation – PvP Trinket.


Swift Riding Crop – Provides instant mounting while in Ashran for 1 hour. 10 charges.

Flimsy X-Ray Goggles – Grants vision into enemy loot bags, showing Artifact Fragments for 1 hour.


LeBlanc's Recorder – Calls indigenous wildlife to assist you in battle. 1 hour cool down.

Chest/Legs/Helms – PvP armor, 2250quest Points.

Waist/Gloves/Shoulders/Boots – PvP armor, 1750quest Points.

Wrists – PvP armor, 1250 Conquest Points.


Pale Thorngrazer – Ground mount.

Wrynn's Vanguard Tabard – Faction Tabard.

Wrynn's Vanguard – Achievement for reaching Exalted.

Sword of Wrynn – Title for reaching Exlated.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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