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Necessary for a variety of useful
quests, auto-access granted at level 32 (?) or thereabouts.

When you're level 25 and have friends with you (a
full group will be needed, at least for the last part), buff up and
speak to Captain Abella Coranis in TS by the docks.  You'll
immediately be jumped by
some level 25 orcs.  Kill them and speak to Abella again, who'll
send you to speak to Rusty Sails in Antonica (-2230, -40, +520, make a
right at the path you come to when coming down the path from the TS
in).  Keep together, you may get jumped by orcs (and possibly
the Mad, a named orc) at any point while doing this quest.

When you speak to Rusty, you'll again be jumped by
your orc friends. Kill them, then return to Abella, who sendsyou to
Engineer Ximmix Wobblecog (first righthand building as you enter the
docks from the path in TS). He'd like you to retrieve parts from a
coffin deep in the
Crypt of Betrayal.  Get yourself to Vermin's Snye (evil characters
can enter the Peat Bog through an underwater grate in Antonica just
south of the South Qeynos gate, then south, then east to VS
entrance).  In VS, go upstairs and straight.  In the
first large room you come to, hang a right and keep going
straight.  The last left before the dead end is the CoB zone
in.  This is the more dangerous entrance, you'll need to fight
you're way in unless your near level 30.  Go upstairs, go straight
(you'll probably get jumped, be careful to clear aggro at distance
before moving in). Take a right and the coffin is at the end of
the hall.  Don'ttouch it till you're ready (guess what? you'll get
jumped again when you click it!). 

Be sure to have everyone click the coffin while
fighting in case you need to run for the zoneline, this fight seemed
tougher as I recall.  Back to Ximmix, and this time you'll be
running to
the depths of Blackburrow for some gnoll-brewed alcohol.  In case
you haven't been there, jump down the waterfall in Blackburrow straight
in from the entrance, then swim through an underwater passage to the
brewery.  Click the bottles and its backto Ximmix.

2 more steps! This time its into Ruins ofVarsoon
in southeast TS.  Kill 5 Clay Crawlers and 5 Living Claysin the
passages leading off from the first room.  When you again talk to
Ximmix, who sends you to the Zek bell at the end of the TS docks. 
DON"T CLICK the bell until your entire group (and itshould be a full,
balanced group of upper 20s, having a few 30s is very helpful) is
huddled close to the bell.

When on the boat, huddle up again on
the quarterdeck next to the Captain.  Buff up and speak to
her. You needn't fight the grey Harpooners.  Fight each wave
as they spawn, and rest against the rear wall.  The last wave will
be Captain Bloodstain, Gawar the Bad, and a few minions.  Once
you've finished them off, talk to

Captain Abella again to zone into Zek.  Congratulations on
Zek access!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016