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Boss 3- Bloodlord Mandokir

Mandokir is the third boss located in the Zul Gurrub Instance. He is not one of Hakkars high priests and does not have to be killed to kill fight Hakkar. He is located just past that of Venoxis, and up a large series of stairs.

Mobs Surrounding Mandokir

There are two different types of special MOBs in the room of Mandokir, raptors and troll Blooddrinkers. The raptors are easy mobs to handle and much like any other mob in the zone, they need to be tanked an brought down with standard DPS.

The Blooddrinkers pose a bit more of a problem, as they have a special AoE attack that deals 200-400 damage to all those in 20 yard range. The thing to worry about this AoE attack, is that it heals the Blooddrinker for all the damage done! It is essential to keep just the main tank within the 20 yard range, or you will be fighting this mob for quite some time.

There is also an ambassador in this room at the base of the temple. It is important to not aggro him or kill him until the room is cleaned. When he dies, the boss aggros from the top of the temple.

Before attacking the ambassadour it is critical that you allow all MOB bodies in the room to decay and disapear from the floor. Once the Boss is aggroed, ghosts will appear around the edge of the room. The ghosts ressurect anyone that is dead on the ground. This is why it is critical to not have bodies on the ground. They will resurect the mobs, just as readily as you and this fight is hard enough as it is.

Mandokir's Abilities

Mandokir has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Enrage: Whe Mandokir's Raptor dies, Mandokir himself will become enraged and hit for large chunks of damage (2000 damage) and has his normal attack speed increased by 80%. This will last for about 60 seconds.

AOE Fear: He has fear that effects up to 20 targets. If you let him get lose in the group this can cause serious issues.

Watching: Mandokir "watches" people, he announces this by saying "XXX I'm keeping my eye on you". While he is watching you you can not do anything (heal, attack, buff, etc) or he will break aggro and charge the person he's watching. When he does charge he attacks twice for about 2500 damage!

Leveling: As Mandokir kills players he gains experience. After a number of kills he will level and when he does this he gets buffed and grows in size! At a certain point (after a certian amount of levels gained) he yells "DING!!!", perhaps to sybilize the start of the real fight and he hits for even more damage (I have seen over 14,000 damage!).


First off, be sure to clear all the bodies in the room to prevent any ressurecting mobs. Next off, be sure to save the ambassador for last, as his death will aggro Mandokir. Once all these conditions are met, you are "safe" to engage.

It is nearly impossible to keep agro on this boss as he will randomly break and charge raid member, thus positioning is important.

Mandane on the Argent Dawn (EU server) had the following to say about the fight.

I recommend that the raid form a half circle that starts at corner of spearfence and runs around the MT and ends at the far wall, blocking the entrance for the boss so to speak (no need for the blocking part, but its just so you know how the halfcircle spans). Keep a distance of two persons apart between each.

Try killing the raptor ASAP, MT do Shieldwall, Shield and stay alive for those 90 seconds that Mandokir is enrage. Place a Warrior far away from the rest of the group as Mandokir charge the ones furthest away every second or third time. This will ease of the pressure on the main group.

When Mandokir starts to "watch" someone (as per his ability) they should stop doing anything and just wait for the ability to end. If a caster is hit by this "watch" attack, they will drop as the DPS is far too much to handle.

Once Mandokir hits the 10% health mark and "DINGS", everyone in the raid needs to switch to DPS and take him down as quickly as possible. There is no way to "stand" against him in this form, and he needs to be brought down by damage ASAP! Sometimes he will "DING" depending on players dying as well and not just 10% (it seems to be random). However he apparently does not always DING -- if you keep the dps steady and allow the tank to keep aggro, and never lose a player to death, he will not level up, and will never actually DING.

With all this in mind, Mandokir should be easy enough to down.

Alternate Strategy

Leftquark from the
Stormscale server has an alternate strategy to suggest for the Bloodlord fight. This is due to changes in the fight after the 1.9 patch. I have not personally been to ZG since the changes so can not verify yet, but chose to include these notes:

In your ZG Guide on the Bloodlord fight you say to kill the raptor first. You also mention that if the raptor dies, the Bloodlord becomes enraged. We found this to be an extremely difficult fight if we killed the raptor first. Instead, off tank the raptor. Keep your OT above 20% because the raptor is warrior like and will execute your OT if the OT gets below 20% health. While keeping the raptor busy, kill the bloodlord (which is very easy since he isn't enraged). Once the bloodlord is down, easily zerg the raptor. Piece of cake.

Have comments or suggestions? Thought of something that has been missed? Found another tactic that can be used? Found an error? We would love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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