GW2: A Necro's BWE2 Post-Mortem

By Reuben Waters -

Another Guild Wars 2 beta weekend has successfully wrapped up, not unlike an early Christmas present from ArenaNet. There were a lot of fixes, changes, and improvements across the board, and the game just keeps getting better through each iterative pass.

In the last episode of GrenthÂ’s Grog, I did some analysis of conceptually playing the necromancer focused on Blood Magic. As noted, it was also one of my goals for BWE2 to see if such a build could be viable in different gameplay situations, so heading into the event thatÂ’s exactly what I did.

But I didnÂ’t just stop there; I also spent a lot of time refining my take on a true minion master build which I still consider to be superior to the trends weÂ’re currently seeing with the necro in structured PvP (or sPvP as the kids like to call it these days).

Continue reading the second amazing episode of Grenth's Grog over on GuildWars2Hub.com: A Necromancer's BWE2 Post-Mortem Part One.

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