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  • New Kryta Bomber Video

    The official site for Guild Wars has been updated with a link to the newest video.
    Our friends over at Onlinewelten have provided hosting for the latest creation of talented Guild Wars fan and extraordinary video artist, Jack McDaniel. You can view a streamed version of the movie, or better still, download a copy of Kryta Bomber No. 3—Club Elona—here.
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    Fri, May 18, 2007
  • Wintersday Movie 2006

    The official site for Guild Wars has been updated with this new movie. Head over and check out all the fun of Wintersday 2006!.

    The decorations are tucked away for a year, the snow has receded to the Shiverpeaks, and the towns, and townsfolk, have returned to normal. Let's take a look back at the wonderful Wintersday Festival in a memento of the holiday, the official Wintersday 2006 movie. Download it here.

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    Thu, Jan 18, 2007
  • Nightfall Animation Reel

    In his blog, ArenaNet animator Bobby Pontillas has shared some great animations. It's 19mb of good stuff! Don't miss out and be sure to tell us what you think in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums!

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    Tue, Dec 12, 2006
  • "You guys are still posting Halloween stuff?"
    OK, so we're all a little played out on the Halloween theme, but that doesn't mean we can't download some memories for later. Enter the newest video from, celebrating the in-game Halloween hullaballoo

    "We'd like to offer Guild Wars players a little keepsake from the recently-concluded Halloween Event. We have a gameplay movie for you featuring images from throughout Tyria, along with player festivities, The Mad King's visit, and more. "

    New Halloween video from Guild Wars' official site.
    Other links you might enjoy:

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    Mon, Nov 07, 2005
  • More screenshots than you can shake your current build at!

    A few new screens today of "Sorrow's Furnace," Guild Wars' Sept. 7th expansion pack.

    Sorrow's Furnace, and its accompanying explorable area Grenth's Footprint, will open to Guild Wars gamers on September 7th. A pair of new screenshots of Sorrow's Furnace is offered today in our Gallery. The shots show two views of combat within the subterranean depths of the depleted mine.

    Take a look at the screenshots at the Guild Wars official site.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • Possibly the best movie of the summer movie season.
    The Official Guild Wars Site has posted the summer update preview movie. Confusing War of the Worlds with Guild Wars Tom Cruise appeared on national television, but apparently didn't say:

    "Featuring new Music from the Special Edition of the Guild Wars soundtrack by Jeremy Soule."

    You can grab the Guild Wars Summer Preview Movie at The Official Site.
    Dozens of Guild Wars guides are yours for the taking at

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    Tue, Aug 09, 2005
  • They threw a Warrior / Monk into Sorrow's Furnace and got... two new screenshots!

    The Sorrow's Furnace Gallery at the official GW site has been expanded by two screenshots. Take a look at them to get more previews of the Ascended content to come.

    New Screenshots - 04 August 2005

    We're expanding the Sorrow's Furnace Gallery Page with another pair of screenshots from the Summer Update. One image displays the external depths of Grenth's Footprint just outside the entry to the mines. The second shows combat within the green-hued interior of one area of Sorrow's Furnace.

    Find the shots here. [Thanks Maya!]

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    Sat, Aug 06, 2005
  • Fancy new screenshots.
    The Official Site has posted some new Guild Wars screenshots taken from the summer update Sorrow's Furnace. A pacifist told us that they prefer the term Guild Disagreement to Guild Wars. They also twitched twice and then yelled:

    "Ha! They didn't yell. They are a pacifist, but ArenaNET didn't write anything about their shots so it all works out."

    You can view the new Guild Wars Screenshots at The Official Site.

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    Fri, Jul 08, 2005
  • Does your desk need new paper?
    New Guild Wars deskpaper (wallpaper for you miscreants who use that term) is available at the Official Site. Our attempts to confirm the following information with Michael Jackson's
    attorneys were rudely rebuffed:

    "Ha! It's deskpaper folks.. they don't write anything about deskpaper. If you need an explanation then you probably can't install it anyway."

    You can grab the Guild Wars Wallpaper (Deskpaper) at The Official Site.

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    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
  • All hail the new deskpaper.
    ArenaNET has posted some new Guild Wars wallpaper for your desk covering pleasure. They didn't write a single thing:

    "Zero, nada, zilch. They didn't write a thing about this wallpaper."


    View the latest Guild Wars Wallpaper at the Official Site.

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    Thu, Jun 16, 2005
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