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GW2: ArenaNet Details November Update and PvP Changes

Posted Fri, Nov 16, 2012 by Martuk

Guild Wars 2 kicks off its second event and content tomorrow with the start of The Lost Shores set to run through November 18th. The event will culminate in a one-time world event but there’s some juicy new content in as well. ArenaNet’s Jonathan Sharp has penned a new blog to talk about one aspect of that content with the new sPvP map, Silent Storm.

Silent Storm aims to push the limits of vertical play and challenge players with a secondary mechanic to channel different buffs that will have different effects throughout the game:

  • Meditation on Ferocity: Bonus +3 team points when anyone on your team earns a kill.  These can stack, which means that if you have both buffs, your team can earn 11 points for a kill! There are 2 of these buffs; one on each team’s side of the map.
  • Meditation on Stillness: Cap points give you 2 points per pulse instead of 1.
  • Meditation on Tranquility:  Resets all cap points and gives them to your team.  This meditation will only come up once the game has been running for a while, and it only appears once each game!  If you’re really behind and see this meditation come up, grab it, because it could swing the outcome of the game!

Additionally, new sPvP Daily and monthly achievements are being added for all you achievement whores out there. Sharp also touches on some of the smaller changes, tournaments and qualifying point leaderboard. Check out the full blog for all the details.

Patch notes for the November update are available here. The Lost Shores event starts tomorrow and you can get a jump on the crowd with our Complete Guide to Fractals of the Mists.

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Source: PvP November Update, Patch Notes

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