ArenaNet Details WvW Improvements and Server List for Final Beta Weekend

ArenaNet reveals the list of worlds and WvW changes for the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend.
Guild Wars 2Â’s final Beta Weekend event (BWE) gets underway on Friday and ArenaNet has posted more details pertaining to the upcoming event. For starters, players can expect some improvements and fixes to some of the problems experienced during WvW in the last beta event. As for launch, Guild Wars 2 will begin with the 24-hour WvW match format and later switch to the 2-week format sometime after launch.

The bigger point in the post is that there will be fewer worlds available at the start of BWE3 to increase player limits on each world and figure out the best way to utilize server power. But donÂ’t worry, if they need more servers, they have them ready to go.

DonÂ’t worry, weÂ’ll be closely monitoring our world populations this weekend and can quickly launch new worlds as needed should problems arise with our new population limits. Our server tech is now able to raise or lower population caps with some very simple changes that donÂ’t require us to take the game down. This lets us adjust world populations based on how the servers react and you wonÂ’t even have to leave the game!

Get the full world list and more details over at ArenaNet.

Source: The Worlds of the Final Beta Weekend Event

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