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ArenaNet Phasing Out GW2’s PvP Glory

Posted Fri, Feb 14, 2014 by Martuk

ArenaNet confirmed in its December PvP Rewards Roadmap for Guild Wars 2 that it would be retiring Glory as a PvP currency. There was no window of when that would happen at the time, but this week ArenaNet has confirmed that Glory will no longer be awarded as of March 18th, 2014. At that time, ArenaNet will also be removing random PvP reward chests along with all ranked reward vendors as well as bonus chests for winning solo and team arena matches.

For now, the current vendors that were added in December will remain in the game until the new reward system is in place. So you have until then to spend your glory before it goes away for good. Just don’t expect to get any more of those Mystery Coffers as they’ll be removed as well. Since these changes are happening, ArenaNet will be adding in the updated rank point rewards a little early so that you can start earning rewards once the new system goes live.

In the meantime, if you’re up for a challenge and looking to win some gems and other in-game prizes, head over to the Guild Wars 2 forums and get the details on how to sign up for The Mistpedia Invitational tournament, which is set to kick off on Saturday.

Source: GW2 Glory Announcement

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