ArenaNet Previews Guild Wars 2's Spirit Watch sPvP Map

ArenaNet adds some new spirit to Guild Wars 2 sPvP later this month with the new Spirit Watch map.

Guild Wars 2 gets a new sPvP map with its monthly update on February 26th. The Spirit Watch map was revealed with the February update plans earlier this month and this week ArenaNet shared a few more details about whatÂ’s in store in a new blog.

Spirit Watch is a norn-themed map featuring sheer cliffs and Spirits of the Wild shrines. Players will be tasked with capturing the Orb of Ascension on the map and returning it to one of three capture points to earn points for their team. While carrying the orb, players suffer a 40% movement penalty and are unable to cloak or teleport without dropping the orb.

You can get a look at the Spirit Watch map below and check out the official ArenaNet blog for more details.

Source: Introducing the New Spirit Watch PvP Map

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