ArenaNet Reflects on Guild Wars 2’s First Year

By Stacy Jones -

The first year of Guild Wars 2 is now over. ArenaNetÂ’s flagship MMORPG has released plenty of new content and evolved the worldÂ’s living story in a number of ways over the last 12 months. With the first anniversary celebration set to take place at PAX Prime this weekend, ArenaNetÂ’s Mike OÂ’Brien penned a new blog to take a trip down memory lane to reflect on the first year and reveal some new statistics.

OÂ’Brien reflects on the challenges, changes, joys, and evolution of the game over the first year. And even better, teases further evolution in unknown ways. OÂ’Brien also posted a new infographic with some fun first-year stats. Give it a look below and keep your eyes glued to GuildWars2Hub this weekend for more Guild Wars 2 coverage from PAX Prime.


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