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ArenaNet Unveils New WvW Map for GW2

Posted Fri, Oct 18, 2013 by Martuk

ArenaNet is expanding the Guild Wars 2 (GW2) WvW warfront with their newly announced Edge of Mists map just announced today. The Edge of Mists will function a bit differently from current WvW maps, allowing additional versions to be created if one map fills up for players to have a place to test their WvW skills without having to wait in a lengthy queue. And while players can join in and earn WvW rewards while waiting to join other maps, the Edge of Mists won’t contribute to the overall WvW world score.

ArenaNet is currently looking for guilds to help put the new map through its testing paces. You can apply to have your guild considered here. Aspiring guilds will need to have at least one member fluent in speaking English to aid in testing feedback and communication. Testing is expected to run into 2014 and will not be locked under an NDA.

Sound like fun? Be sure to read more about the new Edge of Mists WvW map from our chat with ArenaNet.

Source: Edge of Mists Announcement

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