Guild Wars 2 Blog Reveals Asura Intro Cinematic

ArenaNet’s Ree Soesbee discusses Guild Wars 2’s intellectual asura race and offers a peek at the intro cinematic.

Earlier this week, ArenaNet revealed a look at the intro cinematic for the human, norn and charr races in a new Guild Wars 2 dev blog. Ree Soesbee, writer and continuity designer for ArenaNet, recently served up another blog with a look at the asura intro cinematic along with a few details about the team’s inspiration for the design of the small intellectual race. Check out the intro cinematic video after the break and read Soesbee’s dev blog for more on the asura.

Guild Wars 2 launches on August 28th with the final Beta Weekend set to kick off today.

Source: Ree Soesbee on the Asura Intro Cinematic

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