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Guild Wars 2 Headstart Time and Launch Worlds Announced

Posted Wed, Aug 15, 2012 by Martuk

We’re just two weeks away from the official launch of Guild Wars 2 and just ten days from the head start. In preparation for the upcoming early access, ArenaNet has posted the official start times and launch world list for Guild Wars 2.

Pre-order customers with three-day head start will get access on August 25th at 3:00am ET, but ArenaNet has confirmed that servers may open up to three hours earlier to ensure their readiness. Players with one-day head start access will get in on August 27th with the official launch to follow on August 28th.

The official launch world list is as follows:

US Worlds
EU Worlds

Anvil Rock

Fissure of Woe

Borlis Pass
Yak’s Bend
Henge of Denravi

Ring of Fire

Sorrow’s Furnace

Gate of Madness

Far Shiverpeaks

Jade Quarry

Whiteside Ridge

Fort Aspenwood

Ruins of Surmia

Ehmry Bay

Seafarer’s Rest

Stormbluff Isle



Piken Square

Sanctum of Rall

Aurora Glade

Crystal Desert

Gunnar’s Hold

Isle of Janthir

Jade Sea [FR]

Sea of Sorrows

Fort Ranik [FR]

Tarnished Coast

Augury Rock [FR]

Northern Shiverpeaks

Vizunah Square [FR]


Kodash [DE]

Ferguson’s Crossing

Riverside [DE]


Elona Reach [DE]

Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]

Drakkar Lake [DE]

Baruch Bay [ES]

Source: Guild Wars 2 Worlds List, Final Countdown Announcement

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