Guild Wars 2: Fractured Launches Today

Ellen Kiel keeps a campaign promise and new Guild Wars 2 fractal challenge arrives today to open a path to Tyria’s past.

Keeping true to its two-week content cadence, ArenaNet will deliver its Fractured update to Guild Wars 2 today. The latest content update will include a new fractal, allowing players to explore moments from Tyria’s past and test their skill in battle with a never-ending chain of dungeons that ramp up the difficulty with each new challenge.

Ellen Kiel, who players selected in an election some months ago to fill the vacant council seat of Lion’s Arch, will keep her campaign promise for research into the Fractals of the Mists, opening a new event from Tyria’s past that players can explore – the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown. As the Tower of Nightmare battle continues, players can also unlock new rewards that include the transformative Fractal Tonic, new Fractal Rewards, and new runes and sigils.

You can read more about the update on the Fractured content page. Be sure to check out our guides and coverage for this update and more on GuildWars2Hub.

Source: GW2 Fractured Update

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