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John Smith on Guild Wars 2 Economics

Posted Fri, Aug 24, 2012 by Martuk

ArenaNet’s resident economist John Smith, the man with a name like a Doctor Who alias, has posted some economic data for Guild Wars 2 from the beta weekends to provide some insight into the economy of the game. A new infographic provides some trends as to what was popular during the beta weekends and how players made their money along with the wealth distribution.

In short, the most popular crafting profession was by far the Jeweler, the most gold was earned from rewards such as dailies, monthlies and map completions, and crafting materials were the big seller on the trading post.

Guild Wars 2 headstart begins later tonight, so give the latest economic details a read if you're looking to play the market.

Source: John Smith on the Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy



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