The MMO Report Previews Guild Wars 2

This week Casey Schreiner of G4TV’s MMO Report travels to ArenaNet headquarters in Bellevue, Washington to preview Guild Wars 2.

This week MMO Report host Casey Schreiner got the chance to speak with ArenaNet Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson and Game Designer Jeff Grubb. Casey learned more about role swapping in Guild Wars 2, an option not unlike those available in RIFT with multiple Soul swapping to fill different roles. This allows a lot of versatility when it comes to grouping.

Jeff Grubb also delves back into the story of Guild Wars 2 and what drives the conflict in the world and how players design their characters and personal story when the game starts using a questionnaire similar to the creation process in Mass Effect. And that's a good thing.

Jeff also explains the dynamic content involved with player choice and how successes and failures influence the flow of the game and how they can constantly change.

For the full video, head over to and check it out.

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