Guild Wars 6th Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off

By David Piner -

I can't believe it has been six years since the launch of Guild Wars: Prophecies. I still remember, six years ago, rushing to a certain department store and grasping my copy of GW, forever changing my life. Now it that it has been six years, that means we've got new birthdays (yay!), a huge event going on in-game, contests, and a sale going on over at the NCSoft store.

Content included will be the "Flux" which will somehow change up PvP randomly, the usual Shing-Jea Boardwalk party with everyone's favorite Rollerbeetle Racing, sales going on in the official NCSoft Store (at random), high resolution textures in town, hard mode quests, and finally the ability to see where your mutual friends are.

There is a lot of content to chew through during this update, so why are you still reading here? Open up GW and get to playing. I, myself, already have my party hat on.

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