Hawken’s Invasion Update Adds Predator Mech and New Game Modes

Posted Wed, Oct 30, 2013 by Martuk

Hawken recently unloaded its new Invasion update to servers, adding the new Predator mech, a successor that builds on the core systems of the Infiltrator. The Predator comes with advanced stealth capabilities, allowing full-frame camouflage, making it ideal for ambushing.

The Invasion update also enables two new modes for players with Co-Op Bot Destruction, a new co-op mode that allows up to 25 players to team up together to take on computer controlled waves of bots that increase in difficulty with each wave, or Horde mode for those more familiar with this type of play. As waves progress, players can gather EU from downed enemy bots to upgrade core systems as well as earn XP and HC from the mode.

In addition, an Offline Bot Training mode is also available, allowing players to play alone in a single player version of the Co-Op Bot Destruction mode but without the rewards. Other patch changes include balance adjustments, bug fixes and UI tweaks. You can read all about them in the official patch notes.

Source: Hawken Invasion Patch Notes


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