Test Drive the Hawken Berserker and Brawler Mechs for Free

Take a couple of the finest mechs in Hawken for free test drive into the combat zone through January 16th.

Hawken is inviting players to take a couple of their heavy metal mechs for a free test drive through January 16th. During that time, players can test out the mid-range fighting Berserker mech or the close-range fighting Brawler mech for free.

The Berserker is a high-speed light mech equipped with a Submachine Cannon and TOW Rocket Launcher. Its Ballistic Barrage ability increases the damage output of its weapons over a short period of time.

The Brawler is a close-range heavy mech equipped with a Flak Cannon and TOW Rocket Launcher. Its Fortified Turret ability grants increased defense when active and gradually repairs the mech over time.

You can join in on the mech-fighting action of the open beta on the Hawken website.

Source: Free Mech Test Drive

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