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Posted Tue, Nov 26, 2013 by Martuk

Mecha Wonder Woman joins the lineup of powerful heroes and villains from the DC multiverse this week as the newest addition to the colorful Infinite Crisis cast. Previously known as D1A-NA, Mecha Wonder Woman served Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the Amazon women of the island nation of Themyscira in the Mecha universe. But the assassination of her queen brought about a change in D1A-NA.

Called the "Wonder Woman" by mass media, Hippolyta made it her life's work to forge a more peaceful world. D1A-NA was ever-present as the queen traveled the world and in time developed a personality that reflected the idealistic woman's feelings on justice and equality.  Sadly, while accompanying Hippolyta on an errand of mercy, D1A-NA witnessed the horrific assassination of her queen at the hands of Doom Legion assassin bots. At that moment, she was transformed. An iron resolve developed within her, and she vowed to both avenge the queen’s death and continue her quest.

With aid of the Justice Consortium D1A-NA remade herself, far exceeding her creator’s original design. With these upgrades and knowledge of the Amazonian Warriors stored within her memory banks, she has taken on the mantle of "Wonder Woman" to shine the light of truth on a corrupt, violent world.

Mecha Wonder Woman is a ranged hybrid marksman capable of firing destructive salvos on the battlefield. With each attack, Mecha Wonder Woman applies a stack of Judgment on the target enemy, which can be used to augment other skills and activate various effects. You can see her skills in heavy metal action below.

You can learn more and sign up to join the beta on the Infinite Crisis website.

Source: Turbine Press Release


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